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You really should go and see The Corner. My first taste of their show was only earlier this year when they set up some dates for, and supported, Melbourne’s The Scarlets on their first trip out West. To be honest they were a bit of a revelation on a very strong bill that itself deserved a lot more attention. That’s both the problem with last-minute shows and also the reason everyone should take a chance and get out more – sometimes you get to see something special before everyone else catches on. 



On one level The Corner is just damn good fun, a band that likes to party and likes the fact that the audience likes to party, and like tonight thinks nothing of inviting them up on stage. On another level The Corner are damn good musicians and as song-writers they have tapped some pure gold. Singer/Guitarist Jase just has that knack of knowing what works and just how to pen three minutes of infectious rock-pop-punk mayhem.



Being close to Christmas though, tonight is primarily all about fun. Opener ‘Watch Out’ is all craziness and ‘SKA on speed’ mayhem with an infectious hook. The new song that follows ‘Sin’ is the kind of US Radio-friendly pop-punk that starts with a simple vocal; breaks into an insane punk riff and plays off that slow/fast, quiet/loud template so well.



With plenty of suited guys and rocking Santas in the crowd (it was a ‘suit night’ apparently!) it doesn’t take long before everyone is down the front and the running order is largely out of the window. The set too is sadly shortened tonight as we’re overrunning.



‘Babydoll’ may just be the coolest song I’ve heard all year, it’s brooding, lyrically clever and so fucking infectious you need a shot before you listen to it. The structure and build set it up, and live tonight the backing vocals beat the EP version hands down (another reason to get out more!). The solo too proves Jase is not just a great song writer he has his chops too. A million radio stations should be playing this: everyone should hear The Corner.



‘Wildside’ another new song is a real departure though, a very mature ballad that opens with slow (almost acoustic sounding Strat) guitar and drums that rev up before hitting overdrive. It’s a nice break in the set and almost has a tinge of country about it. Almost like the Corner’s answer to Greenday’s ‘Time of Your Life’. Nice.







We’re quickly back to punk mayhem and the Gibson rather than the Fender for ‘Don't Make a Sound’. Cool rock god punk with insane bass and mad, mad drums. And as everyone seems to now be on stage how they managed to put out such a great version of one of their finest songs ‘Tongue’ is a mystery.



‘Going Away’ another standout starts out atmospheric, breaks into a metal riff then slips away again, before a spoken word interlude that leads to  more mad riffage. Like Nirvana had their template stolen, amplified and taken to the extreme.



Mark throws his best bassist shapes as the band breaks into ‘Sleaze’ with the crazy shouted rap and funky riff has an almost prog-rock breakdown tonight: a brilliant counterpoint to the fucked up crazy ending. As we approach the end those watching break into a Christmas conga, and with so many in suits it’s like a crazy office Christmas party.



The show ends with the punk riffery of ‘Wasted’ a song you will swear that you have heard before, and the confetti cannons. Oh, and also a bassist playing from the crowd, whilst the crowd take the stage! These guys need a so much bigger stage it's not fucking funny!



After calls for ‘one more’ from everyone in the place the guys launch into their heaviest riff, as close as we get to a traditional rock workout, ‘S;eaze’ with its clever lyrics, counterpoint to the punchiest of screamed vocals and almost underwater guitar riff. It’s an awesome closer. 



We end up somehow with Gary of Pyramid of the Coyote on vocals, tribal drumming and a band in full party mode. You get the feeling that there’s little The Corner won’t do if it feels right. They have that kind of spontaneity which most bands lack, or aren't even capable of.



What a night... a band you should definitely get out to see.





Review and Images by Mark Diggins