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Released 2010



A lot of great music comes our way at but it’s not too often we get so much great stuff from new bands in the space of a few days, hot on the heels of US Band Pistol Shot Gypsy and Northern Ireland’s Trucker Diablo comes local Sydney band Sunset Riot. Things are looking good.


With just five tracks to tease us Del Rio and his band really deliver. Musically it’s a tight ship and lyrically it’s nice to see the band trying something with a bit of depth especially on the later songs.


Opening with the Sunset Strip rocker ‘Rattlesnake’ the band hits hard, it’s a great song and has me recalling early Bang Tango mainly due to the vocal phrasing that is really reminiscent of Joe Leste. Bang Tango was one of my favourite bands back in the day so that’s a big compliment. Not that it’s a pastiche; it stands its ground along with the best songs from that era and has a chorus that just stays with you.  


‘Trash vs. Class’ that follows again has sublime Leste-like phrasing and it’s almost as good a song as the opener. Already there’s a pair of songs of real world class potential to kick off. For me that puts Sunset Riot right up there with the best young Rock acts around.


It’s the third track ‘Moonshine’ that really states the case that Sunset Riot is not just a good band, they have the potential to be so much more. As a song ‘Moonshine’ is an absolute gem and is brilliantly constructed. It’s a big enough song to become a classic and would cross over to be massive on radio given the opportunity. Here too you get to appreciate what a tight band Sunset Riot is and what a talented bunch of song-writers they are. It’s also on this track that it really hits you what a really great vocalist Del Rio is: close to Miles Kennedy class.


‘Rain’ is another powerful song, textured beautifully with a surging solo. It just shows a maturity you often don’t hear so soon in young bands.    


‘New Day’ is a song of hope that has a wonderfully clean summery vibe.  Very remniscent of Alter Bridge with a killer chorus, it’s beautifully executed.


Shortly Sunset Riot will be releasing a video for ‘Rattlesnake’ which I’ve seen the rough cut for and people you are going to like this a lot. Put the name in your diary and on your ‘must see’ list – this is a band you should be hearing a lot of in the near future. We want more already…


TheRockpit will also be catching up with the band soon for an interview - so check back.



Mark Diggins.