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Self titled

Eonian Records

By Lips McConague


Strike Twice originally recorded these tracks between 1989 and 91, and Eonian records has re-issued them more recently. If I had heard of Strike Twice at the time of its original release it’s pretty fair to say I’d have been a fan. The playing is on par or better than most of the bands that ‘made it’ back in the day and the production is world class. Some of the riffs are absolute killer, most notably ‘Dirty Lover’ (the stand out track) and ‘Undress Me’. Although stylistically the production has all the hallmarks of a CD recorded in 1991, the overall sound is crisp and bright with an awesome guitar crunch that sounds fresh and modern.


On the downside this CD really doesn’t offer anything new and in some places comes over a little like ‘80’s-Glam-by-numbers’. It follows all the rules and clichés that became the final nail in the hair metal coffin and made the grunge movement necessary.


I can hear obvious influences throughout the disc but unfortunately none of them from the good bands in this genre. Think the ’Rockstar’ soundtrack meets Danger Danger and Tuff and you might start to get a picture. Even with the recent revival of the 80’s rock sound its hard to imagine anyone getting into this except the hard core glamsters who consider ‘Look what the cat dragged in’ to be comparable with ‘The White Album’. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. If holding your lighter up for a big power balled, screaming gang vocals and ‘tales from the tour bus’ is what you’re into, then you will LOVE this album.


Make no mistake, these guys can certainly write and play a rocking tune. It’s just all a little too safe and predictable for me. There’s no danger…it’s just another rock album. It’s not a bad album by any means, in fact it sounds like a Strike Twice show would be a hell of a lot of fun and if I was ever in town where they were playing I would be there up front screaming ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’ with the rest of the rockers.