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Straight Line Stitch

THE Fight Of Our Lives





Straight Line Stitch seems to get quite a bit of attention lately.  Unfortunately and fortunately, it isn’t for their musical prowess.  Vocalist and front woman seems to garner the attention because of her looks.  She is very attractive, but not the reason any band should get press.  Much like other bands in the genre of Hardcore, you really need to let the music do the talking.  There are so many out there, you really need to stand out musically.  I was introduced to this band when they opened for Soulfly last year.  I really dug their live performance – the band seemed to come alive on stage and really worked their asses off to win over the crowd.


The band seems to miss out on that same energy on their sophomore effort.  Fight Of Our Lives is exactly that – the fight of their musical lives.  So many bands come out of the gate charging with a debut offering and killer first tour, but fizzle quickly or the music loving public determines they don’t fit the landscape and many a band fade away.


This is a good effort from a good band.  Songs like opener “Tear Down The Sky” are very good – this song kicks the disc into high gear and the band doesn’t really look back.  Unfortunately for the listener, they don’t really look forward either, as the disc doesn’t offer much musically that differs from the opener.  MY favorite parts of the disc are when Alexis strips down different parts of songs and actually sings.


Much like I told Alexis when I ran into her at the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem date in Detroit, she is so much more than a pretty face and screamer.  Not that I want to see the end of Straight Line Stitch, but I wouldn’t be adverse to an Alexis Brown solo CD with ballads and great rock songs – with her voice being the main instrument!


If you like hardcore, female vocals, and solid musicianship – by all means, pick up this disc.  If you are looking for something really great in this same vein, pick up either of the last two Kittie CDs… a much better investment, in my opinion.



By Todd