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STONE CIRCLE album launch
Civic Hotel, Perth
Saturday March 19, 2011


STONE CIRCLE spared no expense making sure the launch of their second album “Living For The Sunshine” was more than just a gig – with a VIP pre-party for those who had pre-ordered the album (not to mention some lucky media types like The Rockpit), concert quality lighting and a few surprises, this was an EVENT, and their performance would reflect that.

First though, were another local band who have recently had their own album launch – DIAMOND EYE, playing tonight in acoustic mode with Paul Jones standing in on bass for Chase Cameron.




Their normally heavily KISS-meets-Judas Priest influenced, pyro-fuelled, heavy rock show was tempered down in this setting, but far from subdued as they ran through their album favourites ‘Atlantis’ & ‘Coming Home’, a lovely arrangement of Def leppard’s ‘Hysteria’, and to close the set off, The Beatles’ ‘Ticket To Ride’ flowing into their own ‘Beyond The Circle’.




‘Coming Home’ was especially powerful and classy, and during the break many hoped aloud if an acoustic album or EP was on Diamond Eye’s agenda now.


THE CHRIS GIBBS TRIO continued to entertain the almost 350-strong crowd with jangly guitar pop rock, finishing up with a run through ‘Rockin in the Free World’, complete with awesome guitar solo.



When the lights went down it was all about STONE CIRCLE – this was their night and they took full advantage of every minute of it, with lights a-flashing, pristine sound, a few flashbombs, all the bells and whistles you could ask for and the sort of stage presence usually only seen in far bigger venues by far more experienced acts.



All the normal Stone Circle traits were showcased – classy & mature songwriting, incredibly tight rhythm section in Craig Skelton and Derrin Kee, stunning Van Halenesque fret abuse from Scott Howe, the best harmonies this side of Bon Jovi, and of course lead singer “Harry” Harris’s super-strength vocals and magnetic stagework.






While some punters have in the past poked fun at lead singer Harry’s tendency to “overact” on smaller stages and to smaller crowds, tonight his projection makes absolute sense in a full room of this size with quality sound and lights – this gig could almost be seen as the culmination of all their gigs to date: EVERYTHING gelled and the show became more than the sum of it’s parts.





Every song off new album “Living For The Sunshine” was played, with ‘On My Own’ showcasing Skelton’s dab hand on jazz piano, a magnificent ‘Gero Love Song’, and by the time the title track was played as a final, emotional, encore, everybody present not only sung along to practically every word, but went home knowing they had all been a part of something very special.


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Shane Pinnegar



Footnote by Mark:


As far as local shows go this one will take some beating. It's not often that in Perth you get to see a world class event put on by a local act and this really set the standard for what hopefully we will see others attempting to better! As a band you couldn't hope to meet a better bunch of guys than Stone Circle, it's cool to see them interact tonight - being totally approachable and attentive to their fans. As musicians they excell and put on a great show: Harry and the guys have found the perfect stage for their show tonight. Seeing a production like this with all the attention to detail and some great marketing really takes things to another level and shows that these guys are capable of delivering the goods on a level that few others can.


It was a pleasure to get up on stage at the end with my co-photographers and shoot this. It was great to see the press there see some familiar faces in the crowd. Kudos to Diamond Eye too for putting on something a little different that worked so well. I've not had as much fun behind the camera for a log time and the band intereacted with us and the audience beautifully. Hat's off to Harry, Craig, Scott and Derrin. The Perth rock scene is looking mighty healthy!



Mark Diggins