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Sixx A.M.
This Is Gonna Hurt



By Todd Jolicouer


After a very strong debut from this all-star project, it was hard to tell what was coming next from Nikki, James, and DJ. If you waited with huge anticipation, much like I did, I don’t think you will be too disappointed.


Album opener and title track, “This Is Gonna Hurt” comes at you with both barrels loaded and kicks things into high gear quickly. The next song seemed appropriate to release as the first single. “Lies Of The Beautfiul People” is mostly all killer and no filler. This is a great song that incorporates everything that seemed to work on the debut disc - great vocals from James Michael and awesome guitar licks from DJ Ashba along with Nikki’s strong song writing. The next song, “Are You With Me” is a solid song, but not quite the follow up to the previous songs. That is saved for “Live Forever.” This should have been the next song on the play list. The disc slows down for “Sure Feels Right.” Although a tad slow, this song has a great groove that lulls you into the song quickly and has your toe tapping and your body swaying to the rhythm of the guitars.


The second side of the disc kicks off with “Deadlihood.” This isn’t a bad song, but better suited for the second half than the first, as it may not hook the listener on the first go through the disc. “Smile” is the song I most feel they should have dropped from the disc. As much as a ballad may be needed, this isn’t a strong one. The songs turn it back up in volume and intensity with “Help Is On The Way.” I really like this one. It is as strong as any song on this disc.


I have to admit, “Oh My God” got me VERY choked up. It is as if Nikki and the guys looked at humanity today and are helping us to see that we need to really come together and fix this world ourselves. It isn’t Bono preachy stuff, just a song that really makes you think. Aside from the fact that it isn’t a total rocker, it is probably one of my favorite songs here. “Goodbye My Friends” is a song that would have fit perfectly on the first album. A good song, but musically and lyrically more suited to The Heroin Diaries theme.


“Skin” closes the disc and slows us down to really appreciate the sentiment behind the album, its title, and the corresponding book. The real gem in this song is listening to James Michael sing over piano and orchestration. He can sing – and this song proves it. Very strong finish to the disc.