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Frontiers Records

Released September 2011


I’m a huge fan of anything Sebastian Bach has done and in my opinion Angel Down is the best thing he has ever done. So to say I’ve been looking forward to this album is a real understatement, and to say I was expecting a lot is also an understatement. I’m happy that after a few spins of this album I am in no way disappointed. Although this album may have stepped away from the heaviness from Angel Downs sound, probably having a lot to do with a new guitarist in Nick Sterling leaning towards the more classic rock sound than Metal Mike’s heavy metal sound, in no way is this album anything other than amazing.


A lot of songs on this album, with all due respect to all involved, sound like they would fit in nicely on the self titled Skid Row record. But at the same time every song is very original and in my mind is not an attempt to recreate anything that has already been done.


The album starts off with the title track Kicking and Screaming, to me this is an absolutely awesome song, and depending which way you want to look at it is very suitable to many situations. Weather it be being pissed off and upset with a girlfriend, or weather it be getting drunk and partying on a Saturday night, you take what you will from it when you will and this is a song I am really looking forward to hearing live and wearing out the speakers in my car.


A real stand out track for me is Tunnelvision which Sebastian wrote with guitarist John 5. This song really shows two sides of Sebastians great voice, from clean melodic singing to some heavy trademark Sebastian screams.


Stand out tracks on the album for me include the above 2 mentioned songs, Dance On Your Grave, which also features some great screams, and the great ballad of the album Dream Forever.


As expected it is clear Sebastians recent divorce inspires a lot of the lyrics on the album which really gives a lot of songs on the album some genuine feeling.


All round the album is real melodic, and really showcases some great drums by Bobby Jarzombek, and great guitars from Nick Sterling, and of course not to mention brilliant vocals from the main man Sebastian Bach.




By David Carruthers