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Monday 6 March


Claremont Showgrounds, Perth, WA


Many people's highlight of the day was the pairing of Myles Kennedy and Slash








A huge crowd had amassed outside the Showground gates an hour before opening time for SOUNDWAVE 2011 – testament to a massive line-up, certainly their best yet, and inarguably the best hard rock and metal festival Australia will see this summer!



This year there was a huge contingent from The Rockpit in attendance: myself, Shane, Metal Billy, and newer ‘RockPiteers: David, Paul and Tanya just for starters. Plenty of faces from the local rock music scene too were unsurprisingly in attendance: Luke from Ragdoll, Greg and Chase from Diamond Eye, Babyjane's Nik & John, Kylie from the Sure Fires, various Blazin' Entrails and many more.


Our review this year is therefore an accumulation of e-mails, comments and Facebook postings from all concerned. The guilty parties are all listed at the end, though quite who is responsible for what we are not quite sure! As your guide I get to do all the links…








Shane managed to beat the queues, get in early and catch local legends CHAINSAW HOOKERS… who scored the slot via a Triple J Radio sponsored competition, and by God they weren’t about to waste the opportunity.



As punters dribbled through the third world customs-like entry checkpoint, the Hookers turned their amps up to BRUTAL and damaged all eardrums within their blast zone as they pounded through a wild set of songs as raw as beef tartare and thrice as tasty.



Singer Lucky Toscadero sported a flash denim cut-off jacket redolent in band patches such as AC/DC, Motorhead and – more surprisingly – Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Poison, but it was raw punk metal riffs and bludgeoning Bloodrock energy they served up today, setting an early high water mark for others to follow through the devastating onslaught of Christine, Death Proof, Party Man, Black Christmas and more.





I managed to watch UK legends Feeder with Paul and Tanya on the main stage and the one thing that struck me was that they looked like they should have been further up the bill. Playing a short set a bit last-album heavy had me on the way to catch a bit of Taking Dawn but here’s what Tanya had to say…  


Feeder Soundwave 2011


Come back around
Down to the river
Call Out
Lost and Found
Just a day

Looking back at the annual Perth Soundwave event and trying to write a review of what the festival was like.. Immediately what springs into mind is how uncomfortably sticky and hot the weather was compared to past UK rain-drenched festivals to what I am familiar with. It only took a few hours of being at Soundwave to see the classic red lobster look emblemized on every bit of people’s visible skin that were left uncovered., but apart from the intense heat there was plenty to keep the crowds occupied.

Being a loyal fan of ‘Feeder’ over the years and recently interviewing Grant Nicholas for The Rockpit website, I was keen to make my way to Main Stage 1 to watch the famous welsh trio make their presence and wait in anticipation at the front row to see Grant, Taka and Karl perform their show.

Feeder were one of the opening acts of the day, and in my opinion not a very good slot for such a fabulous band, they certainly deserved a better slot than a couple of other shit bands I had seen later that day, which makes me question if they had been listed to play later in the day, would they have had a bigger, more hyped up crowd.? This was their first appearance in Australia for 11 years and for me watching this band play in front of a small crowd was heartbreaking considering they are labelled for being the festival band and selling out to venues all over the UK and Europe. I can only empathise with this band who have built up a huge fan base and come from being a ‘sold out main attraction’ to ‘who are you guys?”

Although they didn’t attract a huge crowd and didn’t play with much enthusiasm as they do in the UK and Europe, they still sounded brilliant live. Grant, Taka and Karl take to the stage to small chants of ’Feeder’ and a feeble applause, the band burst into the opening song ‘Insomnia‘, followed by ‘Home’ then continued to play songs from their new album. The crowd enjoyed the favourites ‘Come back around,’ and ‘Lost and found’ to the extreme of one topless woman attracting their attention whilst finishing with one of their famous anthems ‘Just a Day.’

With Grant's riffs, Taka’s driving bass lines and the new drummer Karl’s impressive hard heavy hitting drum display, its no wonder they have a lot to offer. Personally, I would have thought with only having a 30 minute slot, they could have played a lot more from the ‘Singles’ CD to promote the albums that are not familiar to their Australian fans, but with a new album in process, they need to obviously promote that too. I was bitterly disappointed of not sampling a taste of ‘Buck Rogers’ even though he did mention in his interview that it may not be on the set list, but I’m sure this well known song would still have got the small crowd more hyped up by far!!

Overall, they played an amazing set and a tight band that's for sure, making a lot of noise for a 3-piece, which is always good. Just got the feeling they would have rocked a bit harder if they had got a better, longer slot and more of a crowd. I hope they don’t leave it too long to come back to visit, because given the right crowd, this could launch Feeder more in Australia.



To be honest I skipped the end of the Feeder set and made my way over to catch a bit of TAKING DAWN whose album last year was pretty good if not overwhelming. I was glad I did as they were far better than expected…





Taking Dawn Soundwave



TAKING DAWN tore up one of the side stages with a high energy modern re-telling of the classic hair metal genre – think Danger Danger meets The Almighty!  Far heavier than on record, Taking Dawn delivered a highly entertaining and energetic set in the hot sun today.



Closing with some on stage acrobatics not seen since, well, actually since Airbourne a few weeks ago, we get some huge riffage and a memorable version of Fleetwood Mac’s the Chain to close with. One of the bands to watch for sure – hugely entertaining!






The Sword was a pleasant stroll away where we caught up with Metal Billy who appeared to be salivating at the thought of some monster riffs from these Doom-tastic Dragon-slaying and Elf-bothering masters!




The Sword Soundwave 2011



Hitting the stage 5 minutes late, Austin Texas retro-riffers THE SWORD opened up with ‘Acheron / Unleashing The Orb’ from latest release “Warp Riders” and stomped along  with their brand of very cool Sabbath inspired Bong Rock, highlights being ‘Tres Brujas’, Guitar Hero inclusion ‘Freya’ and ‘How Heavy This Axe’. Long hair flailing , flying V screaming, evil grinning bass player Bryan Ritchie, the obligatory shirtless fully inked drummer bashing away and all held together by Vocalist / Guitarist JD Cronise. A very enjoyable set which the appreciative early afternoon crowd would have liked to be longer.





So charging back to the Main Stages (via Govindas)…




I’ve no idea why MXPX/THE ATARIS shared a stage, or if they were the same band with two names, or if there was some other fascinating explanation, because five minutes was all I could take of their bland sub-Blink 182 pop punk.  I can’t imagine anyone over the drinking age being interested.




Salvation came by way of one of my must-sees of the day: good old Dave and his Monster Magnet!




Monster Magnet Sounwave Perth 2011



That old space lord Dave ‘Zeppelin’ Wyndorf may still be carrying his post-addiction weight, but he and MONSTER MAGNET have trimmed all the baggage after the disappointing “4-Way Diablo”, and he took the band to the far reaches of the galaxy and back, continuing the Stoner Rock theme on Stage 1 whilst fighting against the crosswind as the crowd began to swell in front of the two main stages.



Highlights were ‘Tractor’, ‘Dopes to Infinity’, ‘Powertrip’ and the closer ‘Space Lord’. Only one new song surfaced from latest release “Mastermind”, (‘Dig That Hole’), but MM really should have been on a smaller stage as their psychedelic musings would probably have suited a more intimate setting, however they supplied a cool soundtrack for chugging a cold brew and sparking up a dubious cigarette.




I met up with some old friends to catch BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE who seem to naturally rise to play stages like this. To be honest they sound better each time I see them and let’s face it that many kids can’t be wrong can they?




Bullet for my Valentine Soundwave Perth 2011



Possible future successors to Maiden's British Metal Crown, Welsh lads BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE had the big sound required to get the main stage action firing, running through a similar albeit shorter set list to their headlining gig at Challenge Stadium last year... ‘My Betrayal’ kicked things off with half the set coming from last year's “Fever” album, set highlights being ‘Scream Aim Fire’, ‘Hand Of Blood’ and ‘The Last Fight’. BMFV's blending of screamo / emo / metal and thrash is a cocktail for success judging by the crowd reaction with Matt Tuck ever improving as a front man. Another enjoyable showing.







Rise to Remain Soundwave Perth 2011


Set List

Illusive Existence
Nothing Left
The Serpent
Power Through Fear
Bridges will Burn

Rise to Remain are a new and up coming UK band who have received many rave reviews from fans and media complimenting them with their high energy shows. The guys hit the stage at 1.20pm just when the sun and heat was about to peak.

I found it quite amusing and strange before the band actually made it on the stage, that they tuned their own instruments and did their own sound checks, never seen that before at a festival!!

Their opening song ‘Illusive Existence’ is a full on kick in the face opener, but there was a slight technical problem at the start with Austin’s microphone not working properly, however it was rectified rather quickly.

What you get with Rise to Remain is five young lads that just want to get up and play no matter where, when or to how many. I was surprised of how mature and professional they were, they jump around like the stage was electrified and they play each song like it was the last time they would ever play it again.

The second Song ‘Nothing Left’ grabbed the more mature and younger crowds interest with its full on hard fast sound, by the time the third song had kicked in Austin raised his fist in the air and twirled his index finger to give signals for the crowd to start the ‘moshpit.’ By the time ‘Purify’ song kicked in, the band were in full flight.

The band played a 30 minute set which finished with the titled track from their debut EP ‘Bridges Will Burn’ which in my opinion, the 30 minute set was not long enough for this band, I would have loved to have seen more from them. Austin’s vocals on this track were superb even though he was suffering from a serious chest infection, which had been hampering him all tour, but he soldiered on like a true professional Trooper!!

Pat Lundy hammers the drums like the thunder from the gods, together with Joe Copcutt bass playing, he and pat lay down a great rhythm section. Ben Toby’s lead guitaring is spot on and accompanied by Will Homer’s rhythm guitar they make a very tight unit of a band.

When the guys had finished their set, Ben and Pat came down to the front of the stage to greet the fans and to sign autographs and have photographs taken. Overall, great live performance, great bunch of guys, and can’t wait to see them again, they were one of my highlights of the day!!







DOMMIN are an intriguing mixture of noughties metal and Danzig power, and appear to have fallen through the cracks between the emos, hard rockers, metal-heads and nu-metal camps – they played their set to a very sparse turnout today, which is a shame as they do the “metal Elvis” thing better than anyone since Glenn Danzig himself.



The few dozen who did make the effort today were suitably vocal in support of the epic cathartic sing-along ‘Closure’ and ‘Without End’.







It was hard to pick how big the crowd would be for the MURDERDOLLS as Joey Jordison’s Slipknot buddies Corey Taylor and Jim Root were playing on the main stage with Stone Sour at the same time. Let’s just say neither of the 2 bands rely on Slipknot fans alone to pack out a show as they are both great bands regardless of who is in them.

I’d been at stage earlier in the day for Taking Dawn and the mix that they had was unacceptable, and I’d heard it hadn’t got much better as the day progressed so I was hopeful that they would finally have it right for Murderdolls. Unfortunately I was dreaming.



Opening the set with CHAPEL OF BLOOD which goes off on the album I found it hard to get into with basically no guitars audible from where we were standing. As the set progressed I continued to find it hard to get into and could almost sense that the band had the feeling the crowd wasn’t feeling it either.


Although the poor mix was out of the bands control I can’t say they went to great depths to win the crowd over by putting in much more effort than some bands do at rehearsals. As the set came towards a close I finally heard the guitars get turned up a notch and was hopeful of getting some enjoyment out of the set but then out of nowhere guitarist Joey Jordison threw his guitar at the stage and stormed off mid song as the band was left to carry on without him. This has happened at least once before most recently in Bordeaux, France where Joey later explained his actions as being a result of a condition with his ears called tinnitus which causes him excruciating pain. That time the set was cut short. This time Joey returned for the last song DEAD IN HOLLWOOD which finally had some balls to it in the guitar department and was definitely the most memorable song of the set.







High on Fire Soundwave Perth 2011



Deciding to give South Park residents Primus a miss I stay on the back stages for Matt Pike’s High on Fire and I am so glad I did as they end up being one of the real gems of the day. To see a three piece push out heavy metal of this calibre is a joy and it’s only live that you get to appreciate the job Matt does driving the band forward on that distinctive wall of noise.



As a front man Mike may not be the most communicative but then again he is getting THAT sound out of THAT guitar and singing as well so if he’s a little short of words the music does more than enough.

With an all too short set-list that included only a flavour of the latest Snakes of the Divine (closing with that title track) if anything today proved to the merely curious what this band already have in the can. Surely the big league can only be a few steps away?



High on Fire Soundwave Perth 2011








Stone Sour Soundwave Perth 2011




Mission Statement
Digital (Did You Tell )
Made Of Scars
Say You’ll Haunt Me
Through The Glass
Hell And Consequences
Get Inside



Stone Sour are a band that I have been waiting to see for a long time but our paths have never crossed for one reason or another. When it was announced that they would be on the Soundwave 2011 line up, this would give me the great opportunity to see them play live, and I can tell you it was worth the wait.



Stone Sour Soundwave Perth 2011 2


They came on stage to the intro of ‘Duel of Fates’ from Star Wars ( The Phantom Menace ) and ripped straight into ‘Mission Statement’ with Corey dressed as a pirate with a three pointed hat and eye patch in theme with the festival. Then followed Digital (Did You Tell) a great song from the audio ‘Secrecy’ CD and this was awesome live. ‘Made of Scars’ was another crowd pleaser, Corey was in fine spirits by now and was loving the whole toilet paper throwing thing going on in the crowd. ‘Hesitate’ slowed things down a bit, but the best moment came when a stray toilet roll rapped itself around Corey’s legs and a perfect moment for a slight change in the lyrics. ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’ was another full on track, great sound on this one, then came their big hit single ‘Through The Glass’ with the best audience participation of the day so far. They finished up the set with my all time favourite stone sour track ‘30/30-150’ this had the crowd bouncing all the way through. Having started their set at 2.45 and playing for 45 minutes, for me this was not enough, I would loved to have seen more but it was well worth it, these guys put on a great show and were one of my highlights of the day. All I can say to these guys if you are reading this, is to practice your toilet paper throwing skills next time you visit Perth.








Quirky alt-rock never sounded so fun and funky as PRIMUS, who pitched in with a main stage display of their Zappa-influenced 90’s indie rock.  It’s a shame that it was basically a run-through their decade-plus-old near-hits and misses, though by the time the whole crowd bounced up and down en masse along with ‘Wynonas Big Brown Beaver’ no-one seemed to mind so much!






Shane had been waiting a LONG time to see Saul Hudson in Perth: Velvet Revolver cancelled a gig he had tix for a few years ago, and his 2010 Australian tour was confined to the East Coast of our big red country. I was lucky enough to get to see Slash at one of those shows on the way back from the US last year and boy did he put on a show at the Horden in Sydney



Slash Soundwave Perth 2011



The top-hatted one has spent a year playing festivals, supporting tours with the likes of Ozzy and doing his own shows worldwide and his band – featuring Alterbridge singer Myles Kennedy, guitarist Bobby Schenck, bassist Todd Kerns (a quick hello to Vegas’ favourite sons Sin City Sinners) and drummer Brent Fitz – are suitably tight and sharp as a blade.


Unlike some of the eastern dates today we get a bonus two Gunners songs and if I were to say the crowd are appreciative of that it would be an understatement. One of the great things to see about Slash is the crowd, for the first time today EVERYONE is here from the kids to the grandparents, there’s something so endearing about the man and his legacy that he manages to draw us all to the stage.  



Slash Soundwave Perth 2011 2



The focus today was on Guns n’ Roses classics (‘Night train’, ‘My Michelle’, ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, ‘Paradise City’), along with a couple of solo album tunes (‘Ghost’, ‘Back to Cali’, but sadly not ‘Starlight’), and Velvet Revolver numbers (‘Slither’), with Slash looking trim and energetic, effortlessly proving he remains the quintessential guitar hero as he enters his late forties. 



Kennedy proved a great asset, refusing to impersonate his guitarists previous vocalists, but carrying these classic songs in his own voice without a hitch, and the band had the distinction of being the only band I saw inspire an attractive young lady to bare her breasts for the crowd and video cameras! (Shane was clearly not watching QOTSA later that evening- Ed)





I made my way all the way to stage four to wait in hiding for Slayer and was soon engulfed by the entire main stage crowd. Now if ever there was an organisational blunder then surely having Slayer and Mr Zombie out back on these stages was it. Plenty of disappointed punters got turned away and plenty of security guards earned their pay getting abused in a number of les than creative ways.  I had never seen Slayer before, never particularly cared for their style over substance assault but that aide today I planned to give them a go. In truth I was completely underwhelmed they seemed flat and stale and the energy everyone always told me about seemed distinctly absent. As expected I was in the minority… 





For some reason SLAYER were on the cramped Stage 4, and as soon as they took to the stage (with Exodus main-man Gary Holt ably assuming guitar duties while Jeff Hanneman recovered from a spider bite in The States) for ‘World Painted In Blood’ absolute mayhem ensued.  We managed to escape the thrash mosh of death but moving to one side of the far-too-tightly crammed in crowd was as difficult as moving forwards through the throng.  



Classics like ‘Mandatory Suicide’ and ‘South of Heaven’ raised the biggest responses, and the aggression of the music permeated the air with an assault on the nearby viewing bar area, proving that this area was just far too small for these thrash legends.





Escaping SLAYER was easy and only took a few basic mountaineering skills. I had been tipped that Zack De La Rocha’s new band One Day as a Lion were one to see (Un-missable I think they said). Sadly I got there in time to watch a bunch of wankers ruin a perfectly good timeslot…





One Day as a Lion Soundwave Perth 2011


One Day as a Lion is a side project by Zack De La Rocha vocalist from ‘Rage Against the Machine.’ They took to the stage at 6.10pm and played a 45 minute set. Now, if you were expecting to hear a few ‘Rage Against the Machine’ songs you would be very disappointed, not only did the music not fit the sound of the festival, but I’m sure this music would have gone down a lot better at the ‘Ragga Muffin’ Festival.

Having seen ‘Rage against the Machine’ before, in my opinion, they would have had a much bigger set and got the crowds going wild, which ‘One Day as a Lion’ failed to do.

As a big fan of ‘Rage Against the Machine,’ I would not like to disrespect Zack and the set that he played, but as my mother used to say “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” so we made a bee line to the bar.



Others made a bee line elsewhere and ended up at new hype-tastic wonder-kids FOXY SHAZAM’s set…






FOXY SHAZAM are relatively obscure in Australia at the moment, but their infectious and heavily melodic pop and pomp beats with a funky rock heart and loads of soul – FS are a good time waiting to be had, though they are not without the darkness of some bizarrer moments…



In the course of a 50 minute set singer Eric Valentine “treated” us to a succession of tall tales (at least we HOPE they were tall tales…) in his squeaky high pitched impossibly camp voice about his kids, about spending 5 years in jail for killing a dog that bit one of his kids, about how he would kill any one of us right now if we hurt his kids (do you see a theme yet?), slagging off a seemingly random list of bands, writing a song in the back of a speeding pickup truck with Rob Zombie, filling his mouth with cigarettes, lighting them, then literally chewing and swallowing them, and – well – it’s a unique way of following the mayhem of Slayer’s thrash assault as the sun starts to retire for the night!



FS do play some tunes in amongst the crazy behaviour, and the likes of ‘Count Me Out’, ‘Win The Lottery’, ‘Bye Bye Symphony’, ‘Killin It’ and the irrepressible ‘Unstoppable’ proved great party numbers despite the darkness of Valentine jokingly announcing he would be dead within a week and this would be the last ever Foxy Shazam show.  At least – we HOPE he was joking…








Of all the bands playing, Rob Zombie held the most appeal to us. We made our way down to Stage 4 and found a good spot for the expected aural and visual assault. Within a few minutes the lights came on, and Rob Z, Piggy D, John 5 and Joey J came from behind the side curtains.


Right from the start it was a blistering set, with visuals provided by four large light screens showing film shorts and clips suited to each song. The whole band LOOKS like a band, and they just would not let up with a stage presence that a lot of bands these days could learn a thing or two from.


‘American Witch’ and ‘What Lurks on Channel X’ started the show, followed by ‘Superbeast’, ‘Scum of the Earth’ and ‘Living Dead Girl’. The classics continued with ‘Demon Speeding’, ‘More Human Than Human’ and ‘Super-Charger Heaven’, before ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ and ‘Thunder Kiss '65’.


John 5 took the spotlight for an extended solo spot, whilst bassist Piggy D went off for another costume change. His original jacket with a ferret skin right arm sleeve would have had PETA supporters worldwide in an absolute fit if he wore this anywhere but on stage. Within the Zombie camp, it just... fits in!


Closing the set was a nice surprise treat, Alice Cooper's ‘Schools Out’. But, the crowd wanted more, and we got it, with the encore ‘Dragula’. All in all, a wonderful set from the guys, and the show of the day for us.




While Luke from Perth band Ragdoll and I waited in the masses gathered for Maiden a few small steps from the stage and watched Queens of the Stone Age from afar, a brave metal Billy fought through the kids to bring us dispatches from the front line…







As night took hold, Ginger Hero Josh Homme took to the stage with his QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE mates and tore into pharmaceutical fave ‘Feelgood Hit of the Summer’ and we did indeed take a hit and feel damn good as the band gave us an excellent mix of tunes from all of their albums including ‘Mexicola’ from their debut, ‘3's&7's’ and ‘Sick, Sick, Sick’ from “Era Vulgaris” and cuts from “Lullabies to Paralyze”. But it was the material from “Rated R” and “Songs For The Deaf” that really had the crowd enthralled as Homme drawled “Let's fuck” and the final four tunes ‘Burn The Witch’, ‘Go With The Flow’, ‘No One Knows’ and the epic ‘Songs For The Dead’ closed their most entertaining set to rapturous applause as the heaving main stage crowd readied for the Headliners. We sang, we partied and we know that The Hommester always delivers a fucking feel good time. Highlight of the night in my book (no offence to Maiden who were excellent as well).




And then as they say it was time for the big one. I’ve seen Maiden a good few times over the years but this will be a first time this decade and boy were they on form!






Iron Maiden Soundwave Perth 2011



Never having seen Maiden before I don’t quite know what to expect all I know is that the crowd is buzzing with anticipation and that the stage looks like there is going to be a helluva set under all those tarps. 


Having only heard a small amount of their music, Iron Maiden blew me away. I knew they were going to be great, I knew they were going to be loud (as i like it) but i had no understanding on just how tight the band was. Iron Maiden made it easy to hear every guitar lick, every drum fill and with Bruce Dickinson on fine form Iron Maiden were far ahead of any other band on the Soundwave bill for me atleast.



Mixing up a set of new and old numbers seemed to win over the crowd too, who to be fair were probably largely familiar with the new tunes anyway. Highlights of the set still were the older numbers that elivited a massive response from the crowd. In truth Bruce's flag-waving in The Trooper was probably a highlight amongst highlights. I can't imagine many went home without being seriously impressed. What a great way to end a great Soundwave 2011!




Iron Maiden Soundwave Perth 2011 2





Metal Billy highlights: QOTSA; High on Fire; Slash; The Sword and Iron Maiden

Low points: Stage 4 area too small and was way too packed for the likes of Slayer/ Rob Zombie - these acts should have had a bigger stage. 30 minute sets are too short - doesn't really allow a band to showcase a decent spread of songs. Oh and the beer ran out too early.


Shane highlights: Slash, Iron Maiden, Chainsaw Hookers, and The Sword

Low points: exactly the same as Metal Billy wrote, plus missing Rob Zombie due to the area already being overcrowded


Mark highlights: Iron Maiden, Slash, and High on Fire 

Low points: missing the Chainsaw hookers, having to do stuff with my arms with no camera…


David highlights: Taking Dawn kickin ass at 11am on a Monday morning, Maidens setlist consisting of more than just the greatest hits.

Low points: Lowpoints - Sound at Stage 4, Positioning of certain bands on certain stages - One Day as a Lion on mainstage 3rd last band not many people up there watching and most that were were simply getting a good spot for Maiden, while bands like Slayer and Zombie who were always going to pull big crowds were stuck on a tiny stage at the back of the showgrounds


Paul highlights: Highs for me were Slash, Stone Sour, Rise To Remain, The Sword and The Mighty Maiden. Watching 30 Seconds to Mars get pelted with coins- well it was for a good cause and no rain is a first at a festival for me


Tanya high points: the weather, great company and some really great bands. Bands of the day I thought were Slash and Maiden! Toilets were clean and better than i expected, oh and of course being a fan of Feeder, glad Ii got to see them too!

Low Points - Stage 4a having technical sound problems, some shit bands taking good slots while other bands that are under estimated would have been better filling those slots. only one ATM on the ground.





Words by Mark, Shane, David, Paul, Tanya and guest reviewers Luke from Ragdoll and Perry from Ormsby Guitars

Photos by everyone!





Guest reviewer Andrew Massie from Perth Metal Meet gives you his fan's lowdown on this year's Soundwave Festival...


So another round of the Soundwave festival has come upon us again and this year's lineup was absolutely fantastic! After the last couple of Soundwave festivals which also featured some great bands, it was great to see such a killer 
lineup again, probably the best yet. And I think it's safe to say that slowly but surely this festival is becoming bigger than the Big Day Out, if not certaintly better. So I along with a few friends rock up just after 11am and already there 
was a huge line to get in, one of the many negative festival planning ideas of the day that I would witness, the first being, as I could see, only one entry point for a crowd of this size. 

So we eventually get in, we meetup with a few more mates and then start checking the various stages around the grounds and another problem spotted. One ATM in the whole place! Are you kidding me? And the line for it was huge 
as well, at least a 20 minute wait. What were the organisers thinking? So I decided to skip that for later and check out the first band - "The Sword" on stage 4A. I saw this band twice last year in Melbourne opening for Metallica at 
Rod Laver Arena and they were fantastic then but today they were even better. It was a great start to the day!

Next up was "Sevendust" on the metal stage (stage 4). Not a big fan of them but was interested nonetheless. They did their best but they sounded a little off, crowd wasn't too keen either and I think the genre of nu-metal as it was 
known back in their day had reached their expiry date by a long shot judging by the vibe.

So next up was "Devildriver" on the same stage, an absolutely killer band which I had seen several times beforehand over the years including Soundwave 2009, and they always deliver. This show was no exception but aside from the 
now famous Devildriver circle pits that frontman Dez loves to instigate, the crowd was fairly tame this time around, perhaps holding off for bigger and better stuff later on. In saying that, the new stuff off their latest album, "Beast" was 
spot on and heavy as fuck and their older stuff fitted in nicely with it. Love this band, it's their live show that really makes this band come alive.

After DevilDriver, we head over to the main stage's to check out some of the bigger acts, "Stone Sour" just starting up as we arrive. Stone Sour are probably more famous for singer Corey Tayor, who is the frontman for "Slipknot". 
This is a different band though, much softer and tamer though still hard hitting enough. Unfortunately I didn't find their show to be terribly exciting and was a little disappointed overall. Admittedly I hadn't listened to any of their stuff for 
quite some time, not since their sophomore album "Come What(Ever) May" came out so I may have forgotten a lot of their music. Still, it wasn't too bad and was still happy that I saw them live.

After a small gap, we stuck around for "Slash" who were clearly one of the giants for the day. Being a fan since I was a kid certaintly brought some great memories of the olds Guns N' Roses stuff and so had been eagerly anticpating 
their show. Definitley one of the highlights for the day, with a nice mixture of the solo stuff, the 'Snakepit" albums and of course, some classic GNR including Nightrain and Mr Brownstone. Singer Myles Kennedy may not be Axl Rose 
but he still held up his own despite some uncanny singing resemblence to the famous frontman. The band sounded good and of course, Slash still had his signature moves and guitar styles. Great show.

Unfortunately we had to leave a bit early before Slash's set ended so we could get a good spot for the next band on the metal stage - for thrash metal icons "Slayer"! There is nothng like being at the front in the pit at a Slayer show and 
this one was no exception. And a good thing we did get in early as we later find out the crowd filled in quick to catch the legendary LA band to the point where people were so far back they could not see the band due to certain 
construction obstacles placed in the middle of the crowd area. And here was another problem of the day - putting a band this big on such a small stage, most would agree that Slayer belonged on the main stage, probably before 
headliners "Iron Maiden". But nonetheless, the crowd piled in and the band came out and the title track of their latest album "World Painted Blood" ripped through the speakers. It's hard to imagine this band has been around for 30 years
and still playing with such intensity. The pit was certaintly moving
hard and made it almost impossible to either not move around or headbang. So I did both! It was a fun show to be a part of, and equally amazing to see Exodus axeman Gary Holt on stage with them, who was filling in for Jeff Hanneman
who was placed in Hospital due to an infection. Nothing against Jeff of course but it was truly awesome to see Gary onstage with Kerry King. Once in a lifetime moment! And we cannot forget Dave Lombardo on drums, who absolutely 
stuns me everytime with his ferocious technical ability. The guy is simply not human. There was some crazy moshpit moments happening as well, singer Tom grinning and smirking at it all the whole time, but they were things that shouldn't 
e described, only witnessed. Easily the band of the day.

Next up on the same stage was "Rob Zombie", a guy who I had never seen before live and admittedly only started getting into his music the last few years. But what a show! Not just for the spectacle that was the stage show with the 
theatrics and video screens and whatnot, but the sheer heaviness and lively vibe from the band and interaction with the crowd made it such an awesome event. The crowd just went nuts as soon as they came out with "Superbeast", this 
was such a great show and was so happy to have stuck around for it rather than go see "Queens Of The Stone Age" on the main stage who were playing at the same time. Big thumbs up for this one.

So the final band for the day was heavy metal giants "Iron Maiden", obviously on the main stage. We did not have a great view and were quite far back due to virtually no time inbetween Rob Zombie and Maiden so by the time we 
arrived, the crowd was quite packed including the pit area which was closed off by this time. Still, it has to be said that being at a Maiden show is something that every music fan needs to do, if not for their legendary status as a hugely 
inspiring metal icon but for their equally fantastic live set on the big stage. Not since AC/DC and Metallica have I seen such a grand stage setup from a metal band. To be perfectly honest though, I was never a big fan of Iron Maiden 
which even to me is disappointing as I really enjoy all the imagery they invoke from their music including the famous mascot "Eddie". But after seeing their show, the lights and stage theatrics and the hits including classics "Fear Of The 
Dark" and "Number Of The Beast", it's hard not to at
least appreciate who this band is and what their music has done not just for the metal industry but for music in general. I may not be their biggest fan but I am really glad that I have seen them live and I was not disappointed.