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Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray




Seether has done it again – another solid release that does not hold back or keep you from knowing exactly who this band is or where they want to go… trust me, they get there.  Shaun Morgan has a way of putting songs together that make this band shine, and this disc does that from start to finish.


Speaking of start, “Fur Cue” definitely kicks this disc in the right direction.  The killer riffs and vocals rock out from the first listen.  “No Resolution” digs back to the bands roots and even has a very Seattle sound to it.  I was never a Seattle sound fan, but these guys pull it off!  Next up is “Here And Now” – one of my favorites on this disc.  What a killer song that, if you really listen to or read the lyrics, could be applied to many facets of my life, and probably yours.  The musicianship really holds this song together and keeps it from falling into the sappy ballad category.  Lead single, “Country Song,” is next and maintains the charge that began three songs ago.  Thinking outside the box and putting a bit of twang behind the guitar adds to the diversity these guys have always brought to the table.


“Master Of Disaster” brings the disc to the norm you would expect from the band.  Once again, bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey supply the rhythm and backbeat needed for vocalist and guitarist Shaun Morgan to pull this off.  “Tonight” comes across very well – probably the next runner up for favorite song from this disc.  The song maintains its rock roots while pulling in a pop sensibility and borrowing a catchy chorus.  It is a perfect bridge between the two halves of the disc.  The lulling intro to “Pass Slowly” gives you a good indicator of what is to follow.  This song is a great song if you want to be retrospective about any period of your life.  You can feel Shaun’s emotions as he sings “So pass slowly and carry me down then render me lonely when you’re not around.”  This isn’t necessarily a love song… could be that long lost best friend, parent who is no longer in your life for one reason or another, etc.  What a beautiful song to help take you back when you need a pick me up.  Enough of that… at least that is what the band seemed to say when they decided to follow that with “Fade Out.”  What a great back beat – the bass and drums REALLY drive this song.


“Roses” is another song that demonstrates the writing ability of this band.  The music is cohesive and the lyrics are haunting.  These guys haven’t let up yet on this disc.  Another driving song with a great back beat, “Down” is anything but.  The opening lyric grabs your attention: “Well you can take back all the smiles.”  What a great song to reflect on a situation and  not regret any decisions.  “Desire For Need” keeps the disc spinning with an almost tribal drum feel  that keeps your head or foot moving, at least it did mine.  Disc closer “Forsaken” is a perfect book end.  It hints of their Wham cover, “Careless Whisper” musically, but the vocals (lead and background) are solid and let you know that Seether are not going away any time soon… man I can’t wait for this Friday to see these guys on the main stage at Rockstar Uproar!!!



By Todd