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SUNDAY 13th MARCH 2011


Just to be a little different We have two reviews for you of the Santana show the first from Jo and the second take from Soda Lee of Perth rockers Beltane Fire - be sure to check out her links!




Don Quixote / Open Invitation
Back in Black (AC/DC cover)
Singing Wings, Crying Beasts / Gypsy Queen
Black Magic Woman
Oye Como Va (Tito Puente cover)
Maria Maria
Foo Foo
Corazon Espinado / Cindy & Benny
Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile)
Batuka / No One To Depend On
Evil Ways / A Love Supreme
Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)
Smooth / Dame Tu Amor

Encore: Woodstock Chant
Soul Sacrifice / Dennis Solo
Bridegroom / Into the Night
Love, Peace & Happiness / Freedom


A sold out venue in the heart of Perth’s metropolitan wine region saw something special on Sunday when evergreen guitar legend Carlos Santana greeted the assembled masses camped out with love in their hearts and wine in their hands to a two and a half hour run through his back catalogue.


As a Santana ‘live’ virgin after witnessing a show like this all you can really say is that it’s a helluva experience, moving, memorable and something everyone out there should have on their musical ‘must see’ lists.




Standing at the back of the stage as they open and keeping silent until we are a few songs in Santana still cuts an impressive figure. His twin vocalists Tony Lindsay and Andy Vargas do a great job bringing to life the classics such as Black Magic Woman, Maria Maria and Evil Ways and they are amiably supported by a band that redefines the word ‘tight’. There’s a powerful Latin rhythm that is all-pervasive and a deep dark brooding sensual rhythm that seems to ignite the night.


In a night where most of the crowd just danced the night away it’s hard to pick real highlights from the whole experience but John Butler, who played support tonight coming on to jam was a nice touch. For us though it was a drum solo that almost stole the show – with a veritable tour de force from the slight frame of Santana’s wife Cindy Blackman, who duetted with bassist Benny Rietveld, to treat the masses to a lesson in how to keep what was essentially an interlude fresh and memorable. To be honest I don’t think I have ever seen a more enjoyable drum solo, or a better one and we’ve seen a good few!




In a night of great showpieces it was perhaps surprising to see so little emphasis on his latest release especially as the tour bore the name, but Guitar Heaven was largely underrepresented here with only a questionable version of Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ breaking into the set. Not that we minded: we got the second wave hits like ‘Smooth’ that closed the set proper along with the older delacies ‘Guajira’ and the mesmerising ‘Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)’


The fact that Santana is still with us and still drawing crowds like this so long after that defining appearance at Woodstock is testament not only to his enduring talent as a musician but also to the fact that he has evolved where others of his ilk have not. Throughout the evening Santana spoke to us of love and peace and understanding and the fact that he is so clearly genuine in his sentiments takes away any possible awkwardness.


Under the night skies tonight at Sandleford it is wonderful to be alive and wonderful to be in the presence of such a great entertainer.  I don’t think anyone could have gone home disappointed.



Words by Jo Rockpit and Mark  

Photos by Mark Diggins





And now from Soda...


My feet are sore! they were the last time I saw Carlos Santana and his amazing band of musicians at Burswood Dome on 28th Feb. 2008....and the time before that when I was, mmm,...considerably younger. After Sunday's uplifting summer performance on the lawns of the beautiful Sandalford Winery Estate in the foothills, Caversham Perth, I am also a little fitter, from 'Salsa-ing' my little tush off for near ninety minutes solid. His album 'SUPERNATURAL' released in 2000 actually inspired me, as it did for thousands of others worldwide, to learn the incredibly sexy moves 'n grooves of Latin dancing, which I enjoyed intensely for five years and still enjoy to this day....Dare I miss a beat!


So my heart rate is up more ways than one! Carlos Santana is still one 'hot tamale' least regarding his guitar playing. Why?......simply because he doesn't stop playing! The beats, the passion, and the fire that is his own authentic style of 'Latin rock, blues and jazz', and really unmatched by any other guitarist, is without doubt, what keeps him playing. It keeps him youthful, and it certainly seems to keep him in an extremely 'spiritually happy' place....almost to a euphoric state.


He has his friends and family around him in his ever so talented eleven piece touring band. The sound was full and clean and basically flawless. With sweet sounding new, but with a strong musical history, Andy Vargas on vocals, in perfect harmony with the soothing full bodied vocals of Tony Lindsay, 1991 tour vocalist, (Steve Winwood, Aretha Franklin and Lou Rawls) , along with an excitable and lively brass section, David K. Mathews on keyboards, and of course, an amazing rythmn section lead by Dennis Chambers, accompanied by the band's legendary and long standing bongo king Raul Rekow, the concert was exhilarating from beginning to end.


Also highlighted, was an amazing display of drum playing by his lovely and very talented wife Cindy Blackman, who herself, is somewhat of a legend, after an 11 year stint, starting in 1993, with retro funk rocker Lenny Kravitz. Oh how she has improved immensley since then! No more mechanical moves are evident, as she utilises the full scope of her thundering DW kit. Very impressive indeed!


Carlos Santana is musically ageless. He embraces the younger up and coming musicians and artists as he 'spreads the luuuve' and passes on his priceless knowledge and musical MaJic. He teaches, he guides and he inspires, in so many ways, and was recently and deservedly, awarded the Gold Award from Guitar World Magazine.


A beautiful, and gratefully, cooler, balmy March eve, amidst a scorching Perth summer, the Perth concert was supported by an also outstanding performance by Perth's own unique, self styled, finger-picking JOHN BUTLER who during the final songs, accompanied Carlos on stage. Fabulous! An electric, yet relaxing show, that surely even to Carlos, was a 'stand-out' event.


I know I will be attending Santana concerts as long as he is performing for us, and a sad day it will be for me, when, and if I can no longer keep up with those awesome sexy beats! He is truly a master of his art and no doubt a beautiful soul. Overall, a Top shelf Perthect Day Out!


For more in depth info go to Official website


Soda Lee



Many thanks to the wonderful people at Zaccaria events for arranging things for the