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1 - Movin' On
2 - Next Worst Enemy
3 - R U Angry
4 - Shine




Some things are a long time coming and some things are worth waiting for…



‘Movin’ On’ kicks off the EP with power and intent: the build from the acoustic beginning to the crescendo of guitars at the end is underpinned by a fine vocal performance from CJ and the repeated acoustic snatches and lyrical content put me in mind of a supercharged ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’. Whether that was the intent or not I’m not sure, but from the off you can tell that the partnership of CJ Snare (the voice of Firehouse) and Chris Green (guitarist from Pride and Furyon) is something that works.



It's track two though: ‘Next Worse Enemy’ that is my standout track here, tongue twisting lyrics over a killer Chris Green riff that just drives the strong forward before hitting a killer chorus, it’s a near flawless song and the heavier edge makes it sound both contemporary and powerful without loosing its soul and groove.  This is the way Melodic Rock should sound, ripped away from banks of keys and studio effects it sound real.



For a change of pace the mid-tempo ‘R U Angry’ allows CJ to shine. It’s an amazing song with a powerful backbone and some great guitar and displays a restrained power that hints at what this project could become.



Ballad ‘Shine’ is very like Firehouse, to be honest, and I can’t see anyone being disappointed with this if they are already fans of Firehouse.  In a way it’s a nice way to close and it shows us in four tracks exactly what Rubicon Cross could be. ‘Shine’ if you like is the ‘cautious’ track that doesn’t stray too far away from what you might expect from Firehouse. To me though it’s the other three tracks that offer that promise of something even more tantalising.   



It’s been a long time since Firehouse put out their last album of originals the underrated ‘Prime Time’ and in that time we have seen Bill Leverty put out a number of releases. There have always been rumours that CJ had been working on something but this is the first to materialise and I’m impressed.



The four tracks you get here just promise so much, and whilst I can understand the temptation to play it safe. For me it’s the tracks that stray from the template that work best of all.  It’s modern and powerful melodic rock with great production, and great performances from Chris and CJ.     



Like I said it’s been a long time coming, but some things are worth the wait.



Let’s hope this leads to a full length album in the near future. Check back next month for our interview with CJ when we get to ask him just that: ‘What's next for Rubicon Cross’?



This "Limited Edition EP" is available in physical (CD) format at (quantities are extremely limited). You can also find it at iTunes and Amazon MP3.





By Mark Diggins