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Rev Theory


WOW!!! I really dig a lot of new music by young bands, but the latest offering from Rev Theory has TOTALLY blown me away. We are only two weeks into the new year and I have two that I feel will stick with me for a long time and I am already thinking Top of 2011. This CD is #1 with a bullet.


‘Dead In A Grave’ kicks off this opus and let me tell you, better strap yourself in for one pleasurable ride. The mood has been set, as the chorus states, “I’m still breathing – fuck your sympathy, don’t need it – I’m still kicking, I’m not Dead In A Grave.” After this rocker, we are led nicely into the first single, and title track, ‘Justice.’ Not only does this rock, it is a great commentary on society today. If you get a chance, check out the fan-made viral video featuring many of today’s headline kings and queens. Track opens with a sick-nasty bass line compliments of Matt McCloskey. The song stays on that greasy rock groove the whole way through. Next up, ‘Hangman’ treats us to a fast-paced rocker that pleases the rock palate in the ears.


The pace slows down for ‘Fire.’ This is a great song, but does not seem to fit the up-tempo rock vibe of the rest of the album. Luckily, we do not have to wait long, as ‘Loaded Gun’ brings the speed and flare back to the forefront. Another piece of commentary offered up is the next track, ‘Remedy.’ This is another great slice of rock n roll that harkens back to the power and energy of the first album. “Enemy Within’ is a great groove tune that seems to keep the foot tapping from beginning to end.


The guitar and bass intro (and fills within the song) to ‘Wicked Wonderland’ gives you an indication of what to expect from this little ditty. Rich Luzzi stretches the vocal chords in this and gives us a good growl or two and some great singing. The vocals in the chorus are unlike anything on any other Rev Theory recording. ‘Say Goodbye’ is another great reflection of Rich’s ability. This temporary slowdown is well worth the timing adjustment. The chorus made me remember a young lady or two and what I thought when it was time to part – “What will you remember when I say goodbye – doesn’t really matter what I leave behind – cause nothing is forever would you even care – if I say goodbye.”


‘Probably the sexiest groove on the disc is the rhythm section, provided by Matt and drummer Dave Agoglia on ‘Never Again.’ Makes me want to pound the hell out a set of drums. After the great ride, the guys waste no time in settling down and leaving us with a song full of thought provoking lyrics and a REAL demonstration of the guitar talent of Rikki Lixx and Julien Jorgenson. ‘Hollow Man’ could be any of us at any time… except at the end of this CD, which will leave you anything but hollow.