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By Aaron DelBono


When I experience a special musical moment, I get a chill – goosebumps if you will. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s undeniable when it does. The self-titled 2009 debut from Reckless Love didn’t elicit such a response, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, as it was a refreshing blast of the past - big guitar, awesome sing-along choruses and plenty of not-so-subtle sexual innuendo….what singer Olli Herman refers to as “Merry Metal”. It’s pretty mindless, but fun (kinda like the 80s) and an escape from the daily grind. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking from their second release. Initially, what I WAS disappointed in was the first single, “Hot”. I felt it was rather weak and not up to par with their previous work, so I pretty much dismissed it until the album was released earlier this month.


So when I popped in the CD and title track “Animal Attraction” blasted out of my speakers, I was floored! The opener features a meaty, kick ass guitar riff and a hook so huge you’d think you were back in 1988. I thought to myself, “How the hell does it get any better than THAT?!” The energy continued to build with “Speedin’” and “Born to Break Your Heart”, but I knew my euphoria was about to come to an end – “Hot” was up next. The song started – just a bass line and Olli’s insistence that “It’s getting hot….h-hotter than” - and a funny thing happened….I got that chill. I can’t really explain it – the song in the context of the album just fit, and now I can’t get enough of it….or the rest of the CD.


There’s some really great classic 80s style glam (“Switchblade Babe”, “On the Radio”), some guitar driven synth-pop that would fit right in at a Euro dance club (“Dance”, “Dirty Dreams”) and the requisite ballad (“Fantasy”). Production is much improved over the first release, but a little TOO slick in my opinion. That said, Animal Attraction is 45 minutes of sexy, fun rock & roll that wouldn’t be out of place at your next pool party. Come to think of it - I’m sweaty here…maybe I should take my top off.