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Reaper's Riddle Set list

Look at you
Devils fire
Fall away
Till tonight
Lost in ink
No Strings
One Red rose
Band Introduction
War on indulgence


The great think about tonight is that we get to see a good cross-section of aome of Perth’s heavier bands before the main event the Reaper’s Riddle EP launch. In preparation Mark and I retire to the bar to check out icy cold beer that seems to be calling our names…


Gates of Perdition


The first band to make an appearance tonight was ‘Gates Of Perdition’; this being their second gig under that name, having played the Perth circuit under a different moniker previously. So here we see a new lease of life. To tell the truth it’s not a bad set at all, but heavily influenced by Metallica and Megadeth. The bass player/vocalist has a striking resemblance to a young Joey Demaio of Manowar. An impressive set with some good riffs, one to watch in the future.

Ill Vision


Ill Vision


Second up ‘Ill Vision’ is another hardcore thrash metal band with “cookie monster” vocals, they had one or two good tracks, but you could see vocalist Joe Pelliciari was struggling with a wrecked voice (all credit to him for performing at all). They were a little to hard core for my liking but Mark was impressed, and giving away a free promo CD was a nice touch at the end.


Malignant Monster


Malignant Monster


‘Malignant Monster’ was last up before the main act and drew the biggest crowd of the night so far. Why? I’m not sure! It was all a little like ‘Cradle of Filth’ slammed into ‘Slipknot’ death thrash metal which is just a little too much for me, though Mark was entertained and thought they had a good image. Two songs into the set and I made a hasty retreat back to the bar for the $5 pints that were going down a little better than the music.




Headliners ‘Reapers Riddle’ hit the stage at 11pm to a packed Amplifier, this was the first time I had seen these guys live and I was blown away by them, they fu**ing tore the stage up for over an hour.


Clayton the vocalist led from the front with a powerful performance as did the rest of the band, these guys were determined to make it a night to remember and to launch there new EP a “Touch of Death” (which the first 100 copies were signed by the band).


Reaper's Riddle


“Cursed” was the first track and set the stage for what was about to follow, and a great opener. With songs like “Zombiefied” they could well go far and I’m sure plenty at the Amplifier will agree. “One Red Rose” a song about family and friends that have passed away was a real gem with some great acoustic guitar.


These guys rocked the stage from start to finish, rock at its best, loud and brash! Just great rock n roll. I strongly recommend you get to see these guys live next time they are out there!! The Rockpit will be there for sure!





Review by Paul
Photos by Mark Rockpit