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Made In Germany



By Todd Jolicoeur

I am not normally one to rate or review a greatest hits package. Most times, I feel it is a way for a band or label to cash in on a back catalog when no new material can or will be created. Sometimes a band will release one if they are trying to get out of a contract. Neither seems to be the case with Rammstein, who launched this disc just before the holiday shopping season ended. So why review this? For a metal and rock fan who knows this band simply because of the single, “Du Hast,” this disc is a great overview of their career.


Let me preface this with – I don’t speak German… not even enough to order an adult beverage. I know how to say, well, “Du Hast.” That being said, the music and the vocals really do make you feel the music, just as if you knew the language. There are three songs on this disc that I am familiar with, but for different reasons. “Du Hast” was the first single that really blew up in America. Two years ago, the band released the single and video for “Pussy.” The video was very controversial (check it out if nudity and pornography do not bother you). The final familiar song being “Mein Land,” as this is the new track on the disc that was released as a single.


I like many of the songs and find myself putting it on and playing it quite a bit, evne though there is a language barrier. The music is solidly constructed and performed. The lyrics and vocals are exactly what one would expect after hearing “Du Hast” or any other song in German (Die Artze did a killer version of Kiss’ “Unholy” quite a few years ago). If you are willing to listen to a music for the sake of the music, pick this up and experience Rammstein. Who knows, you may find yourself looking for another disc or two of their material. This is my third foray into foreign language rock (previous efforts by Ligabue (Italy) and B’z (Japan)), and so far I am batting 3 for 3. Do yourself a favor, step outside of your comfort zone, and visit Germany – I think you just might come away with a new band for your collection.a