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Extended Play
Self-released 2011



More a collection of two unreleased EP’s tacked together than an album proper, Perth, Western Australia’s melodic hard rockers Ragdoll’s debut release is a classy piece of work.


Oh hang on – did I say “debut release”? Well it is – kind of, but also not!


The band recorded the tracks with singer Luke Meyers, pressed the disc, and then parted ways with him in mysterious circumstances. The word from bassist and step-in singer Ry Dash is that “Extended Play” won’t be officially released, even though it is available directly through the band.


Confused? Well it makes this a collector’s item I guess and a damn fine slab of classy hard rock at that.


Opener ‘In My Mind’ is as catchy a rock song as you’ll hear this year, showcasing the dynamic vibe of the band – tasteful and flashy guitar from Leon Todd, great harmonies, layered melodies and a rhythm section to kill for in Dash & Cam Barrett.


Every song here is immaculately crafted. ‘Never Before’ and ‘Feelings’ through to the soul, ‘Ashamed’ is a great anti-balled full of clever timings and phrasings and really showcases Todd’s mastery of his instrument and Meyers’ passionate vocals.


‘Slip Slip’ is a bit more of a generic 80’s hair metal rocker, though just as catchy as anything else on the disc.


For the run to the finish line we have the tasty ‘Pizza Box’ (for that is what the song was originally written on), ‘Heat Of The Night’, possibly the lesser track on the album with it’s 80’s YES sounds, then it’s full throttle for ‘Foot To The Floor’ a real speed racer of a tune.


There’s an Eighties feel throughout “Extended Play”, but it’s not retro. Nods are given to big hair sounds, but also to earlier 80’s song structures and some really interesting guitar work throughout.


“Extended Play” is classy as hell and even though we are unsure of the band’s future direction at this point Ragdoll’s Mk I lineup should feel justifiably very proud of this disc.


Available direct from the band –!/pages/Ragdoll/145472875487705