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Ragdoll - Ragdoll Rock EP


ragdoll rock ep

beautiful disaster records

RELEASED October 2011



On the strength of the four songs here I’m certain that West Australian band Ragdoll is a name you will be hearing a lot of in the future, if the geographical disadvantage of being from the world’s most remote city – Perth doesn’t get in their way. Launching the lead song ‘Foot to the Floor’ on American Radio Station Hard Rock Nights seem to suggests that it won’t. It’s a balls out rocker that shows that the band knows how to write a song that has instant appeal, and it has a simplicity and a drive that will have you singing along and banging your head in appreciation. One of the best songs I’ve heard from a new artist all year; and that’s only part of the story.


Second up ‘The Feeling’ proves that you can write about the state of the planet within the confines of a sublime melody and it isn’t a world away from giants like Foreigner, and it’s here that vocalist (and bassist) Rafferty cuts loose in fine Lou Gram style that makes you wonder just what his voice can’t do. If there is a downside it’s that his beautiful range doesn’t get more of a free reign on the rest of the EP, though he does get to show his mellow introspective side on the slower atmospheric tale of regret at a one night stand that is ‘Ashamed’. And it’s that song that hints at the real depth of the band.


Most startling about this EP perhaps though is the maturity of their sound. These aren’t straight forward party rockers, and the drums of Cam Barrett and particularly the power and passion that bleeds from Leon Todd’s guitar make you believe that this band will rise no matter what befalls them.


Last track ‘In My Mind’ has an almost insatiable melody that has cross-over appeal written all over it. It’s the mellowest song in the collection, almost poppy, but it’s carried along by a strong vocal and a bank of backing vocals that layer the chorus before the guitar kicks back in.   


Listening to the EP I was intrigued enough to check their website and Facebook and the real joy was that there is acoustic material out there that again throws things into another light entirely, with variations of tone and arrangement. Some of the cover songs too, especially the Zeppelin will just blow you away.


The best thing about EPs sometimes is that they immediately leave you wanting more, and with a heap of new songs already in the works and a US tour mooted for next year you hope it won’t be too long before they once again put that foot to the floor.


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By Leslie Phillips