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28 MAY 2011





Up first are thrash metal band Tolofate. For an opening act they were surprisingly good with hardcore fans that have been with the guys since they formed a year ago. The fist song is a crowed favourite as was track 3 for me, their set was over a little to quick I would liked to have seen a little more but like all opening act’s they are a little  pushed for time …. Very good indeed.






This was the first time I have seen this band and boy do they play loud, this is hardcore thrash metal at its heaviest and these guys just put there heads down and play like holy hell, the only problem is that they play so f**king loud that they totally drown out the vocals. What surprised me the most was the lack of interest by the audience and the band tried to make a joke of it which was a shame as it was a really good performance.






Black metal has never been my sort of thing and by the reaction from the crowd it was neither theirs either. This was for me the let down of the night, their music just seemed a little to dark and self indulgent with a lead singer that actually talked between song’s the same way as he sang and this did bring a smile to my face, but one good thing, their drummer was fantastic! the best I have seen for a long time, but that was about it.  Not one that I will be putting in my top ten gigs of 2011, poor !







Set List


No Strings Attached

Fall Away


One Red Rose

Devils Fire







One of my favourite bands live at this moment in time but a shock at the start with 48 hours before this gig the drummer decided to leave the band!! That meant that a replacement had to be found and quick. Up stepped  Danny Torre ex Emerald City / diamond eye to fill the drum stool at the eleventh hour and with only one hour to jam with, this was going to be a very interesting night indeed. Understandably, the lads only played a short set, but they played like pros even with Clayton struggling with a vocal problem, they rocked the place as they always do. Danny might have only been with the guys a few days but it was very hard to see any major mistakes, another great performance and look forward to the next time, hopefully Danny will become a full time member.  If you haven’t seen them live I strongly recommend you do ….


Another masterful performance by the guys.



By Paul Hadlington