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WOW!!!  One listen through this disc isn’t enough.  This one has hit a regular rotation position in my collection – and that is no small feat.  This sophomore effort from the Muskegon, MI band really kicks ass from opener “Last Man Standing” on through arena rock-style tunes “Boss’s Daughter” and even social commentary on “Black & Blue.”  The band is very talented and knows not only where they want to get, but how to get there.


“We live; we die; only matters what’s inside.” What a killer first lyric for disc opener “Last Man Standing.”  They took this lyric to heart when putting this disc together.  These guys, lead by front man Leigh Kakaty, really charge through the songs with a fierceness that cannot be denied.  “Epitaph” keeps the energy level up as it helps demonstrate the talent of the players here, especially the guitar duo of Dave Grahs and Tony Greve.  “Broken & Betrayed” slows down the rhythm a little, but is a perfect lead into power ballad, “Monster You Made.”  This is one of the better songs on this disc, in my opinion.  A great love song set to a tight modern rock sound.


“Let It Go” follows the path started by the previous track, except it strips back all the instruments to be a very cool acoustic ballad.  Don’t be fooled… the pedal is dropped on the next rack, “Boss’s Daughter,” both sonically and lyrically.  This ode to a girl “with her long dark hair and her sexy thighs” really kicks this disc over and shakes the dust off.  I can hear a venue singing along to a chorus of “She’s hell on heels.”  The next track, “Daisy Chain,” is another great rocker that shows off the talent of the band.  This song has a classic sound to it.  The guitar work has that fuzzy sound that really accentuates the song and lead vocals.


“Purple” kicks off very mellow and has a great guitar lead in.  This is another great song that could go in a hundred directions.  As I listen to the music and lyrics, this song could be performed acoustically, harder, and I even hear the opportunity for a country version.  Following in the color theme, “Black & Blue” is exactly that.  A brutal song that will make the listener feel the pain of the victim, who suffered at the hands of a loved one and wishes they had their time back.  “Next Life” is about the only song I would have not put on the disc.  It left me flat and not really anticipating the next CD… which is not to say that I didn’t like this disc.  I would have ended stronger and left the listener wanting more.


I cannot wait for these guys to move forward on the next disc and turn up the heat, so to speak.  I can only see their star (and review stars) rise… look out world, here comes Pop Evil.


By Todd