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Pierce The Veil – December 8, 2011
Saint Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI


Review by Alex Morey
Photos by ToddStar


It is difficult to describe Pierce The Veil’s (PTV) most recent show for the “No Guts - No Glory” tour stop at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit in just a few words. Amazing. Mind blowing. Awesome. These all come to mind, but I think the crowd that attended this show would agree with me that none are quite capable of capturing just how good it truly was. Every moment from their intro to their cover of “Just The Way You Are” to “Caraphernalia,” which they closed with, PTV had the crowd screaming for more.



Pierce The Veil played and the crowd reacted. Everything PTV did on stage and off, the crowd loved. Particularly great moments in my opinion were when bassist Jaime Preciado and lead guitarist Tony Perry climbed the large stacks and then played from on top of the large speakers. Another memorable moment was when lead singer, Vic Fuentes, let a fan act as a microphone stand on a makeshift stage at the back of the venue… just before he dove on top of the crowd and crowd surfed from the back of the venue to the front and onto the stage. Being part of the crowd myself, I have to say my one of personal favorite moments was helping hold Jaime up when he “stood” on top of the crowd and the other being when I helped act as part of the “wave” when Vic crowd surfed across the entire venue.



Their set list included mostly crowd favorites from their most recent CD, ‘Selfish Machines,’ such as “Disasterology,” “Bulletproof Love,” and “Caraphernelia” among others. They also played songs from their debut, “A Flair For The Dramatic,” as well as a very cool cover of Bruno Mars’ track, “Just The Way You Are.” Altogether it was a great and well-polished set list, which was reinforced by the positive reaction to their performance.



There is no denying PTV put on one hell of a show. The crowd was jumping, people were singing, confetti was flying, and people were surfing. Everyone was having a good time and no one wanted it end. There is no surprise why Pierce The Veil has such a dedicated fan base… and will for years to come.



See photos of the show HERE