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One Less Reason
Faces & Four Letter Words



By Todd Jolicoeur


This CD came out of nowhere and, surprisingly, is quite good. The lead vocals sound a lot like Josey Scott of Saliva, but that is where the comparisons should end – no wrestling anthems here.. These guys put together a great collection of songs that will please most people – rockers and those that prefer their music slowed down a bit.


Cohesive is an understatement of the tunes here. The bands moves so seamlessly between songs, and their musician ship is so stable, it is often hard to tell where on songs ends and another begins. This is true between opener “What You Are” and follow up track “Favorite Color.” The third track, a ballad of sorts, “If You Want Me,” shows off the mellow side of the band, especially vocalist Cris Brown.

Incredibly, drummer Jeff Moore is very noticeable on this track, as there are fills galore during the chorus. The band kicks back into a higher gear with “Faces.” This is probably one of my favorites on the disc – crunchy guitar with a soaring solo – solid guitar work from duo of lead guitarist Brad Butler and rhythm guitarist Jerry Baily.


The band slows back down for “Someday.” With a slightly haunting intro both the instruments and vocals, it shifts into a little heavier sound. Not a bad track, just not one of the better tracks. “A Day To Be Alone” follows the path started by the previous track, except this one doesn’t pick up the pace – this is the true ballad on the album, including the piano/keys. Again, not bad – just not great. “Everything Changes” kicks everything back into rock gear. This song best demonstrates the solid playing of the rhythm section as anchored by bassist Terry Brown. This is a mellow rocker that brings it during the choruses. “Four Letter Words” is another solid track that is a song that tells a story that most of us can relate to.


The next track, “Where Did You Go,” keeps us in story telling mode. I love the guitar work here on the bridge and chorus. Next up is the surprise of the disc. “Relax” is a SOLID cover of the old Frankie Goes To Hollywood track. This makes 80’s keyboard music very digestible and cool. Who knew FGTH wrote a killer rock track? The guitar, heavier vocals, and solid musicianship make this track rock. Disc closer “The Distance” is a nice bookend for the disc, as it slows down and lets you appreciate the band for the musicians they are. Solid effort.