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Here & Now



By Todd Jolicoeur

I know – it’s Nickelback. But I have to replay with, “It’s Nickelback!!!” These guys catch so much flack because people say they are too poppy and everything sounds the same. If you are going to slam Nickelback for this, you had better line up and start bashing Bon Jovi (who has released the same single with different lyrics for years now). This disc should have come out earlier in the year – it would have been SO MUCH higher on my year end list.


The disc has a lot of songs that mirror the formula that has made Nickelback a radio friend hit machine. Disc opener, “This Means War,” is sure to please the crowds live, much like the last few songs to open a Nickelback disc. I also really enjoy first two singles (which were released on the same day), “Bottoms Up” and “When We Stand Together.” These are both very good representations of the discs hard and soft sides. My personal favorite has to be the sexually driven “Midnight Queen.” This song makes you move and, if you are paying attention to the lyrics, creates quite the visual.


Next up is “Gotta Get Some,” which is a solid rocker and helps hold the disc together. “Lullaby” is a great song that again shows how these rockers can slow it down and let you reflect on relationships and life in general. “Kiss It Goodbye” chugs along and keeps the foot tapping. This one will bring anyone not on their feet out of their chairs, if it hits the set list on the next tour. “Trying Not To Love You” is another song that rises on the like chart every time I hear it.


“Holding On To Heaven” is probably the most stereotypical song on the CD and is bound to be a hit. Chad knows how to write a winner and his voice helps this one rise above the rest! I love the blend of softer tones and rock beat, along with the gravel vocals we have become accustomed to. “Everything I Wanna Do” is another of the physically suggestive songs that make you want to steal an hour with your favorite partner and just rock each others world! Disc closer “Don’t Ever Let It End” is another of my favs on this disc. It really harkens back to a time when you were discovering the difference between a relationship and the “friend zone.”


I can’t really point to any particular song and say I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit here. Once again, Nickelback has scored with this disc. As long as they have Chad writing and Joey Moi in their corner, these guys will continue to please! Can’t wait to see this tour hit the road and bring us all into the “Here & Now” in 2012!