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MICK’S MONTHLY MUSIC CLUB – July - August - September 2011


By Shane Pinnegar


Mick Thomas, solo artist, leader of The Sure Thing and Weddings, Parties, Anything, member of the Shackleton Three and a myriad of other projects, spent 2010 establishing an innovative method of delivering a selection of new and archive material to die hard fans.


Offering subscriptions at $35, with a Gold Subscription available for $100 (which secures a triple CD/DVD of all the tracks offered throughout the year plus a poster), this is a Mick Thomas (and WPA) collector’s dream come true – kind’ve like a fanclub with benefits!


2011’s club started with July, and will run through to June 2012.


July’s edition features no less than four very different versions of the standard ‘Wind & Rain’, including a traditional and a WPA version. Lining the same song up four times in a row is a risky task for any artist, but Thomas stamps his identity all over the song in each different version, with alternate lyrics and musical diversity, making this a fascinating exercise.


August weighs in with 4 tracks (3 acoustic, the other with lyrics from John Harding and sung by Linc Yawyah) that Mick contributed to the short film “The Fitzroy Stars” – don’t panic, Mick hasn’t turned his back on his beloved St Kilda – the film is about an indigenous footy team! In addition to a link to watch the film, another gem this month is a pre-WPA demo of favourite ‘Away Away’.


September features a video of 5 songs recorded at Selina’s in Copenhagen in September 2010 by Thomas and Michael Barclay, with Chris Tanner sitting in on clarinet. As the story goes, the place was empty when they started, but the soon got a few people in the door and by then end of the show “we came out of the day feeling like world beaters”. It’s touching performances of music for music’s sake, coupled with the honest, from-the-heart anecdotes which make Mick’s Monthly Music Club such a treasure.


Add to this video of demos from Mick’s long awaited solo album, celebrity recipes from band members and friends, guitar tablature, anecdotes and whatever else Mick can think up to throw in there, Mick’s Monthly Music Club is an absolute goldmine.


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