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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

The Oxford Hotel, Perth, Western Australia
Sunday 12 December 2010

Where, oh where would Australia be without our storytellers? From Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson all the way down through Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers and the inimitable Mick Thomas, these spinners of yarns have documented our great nation from the perspective of the ordinary person, complete with all their idiosyncrasies.


Van Walker isn’t quite in that exalted league yet, but he’s got the gift and entertained the lazy Sunday arvo crowd in the Oxford beer garden admirably.



It’s hard to believe that Micky T has been traversing our fair land for ten full years with his Sure Thing and for however many years before that with the much-loved Weddings, Parties, Anything, but here they are on their tenth annual Christmas tour, set to culminate with an NYE set at Warnambool.


Being the institution that he is, we know full well what to expect from a Mick Thomas gig: loads of classics, a few obscurities, plenty of singalongs, a few stories told with Thomas’s trademark self deprecating dry wit, and none stop great music.



WPA favourites like ‘Fathers Day’, ‘Mondays Experts’, ‘Away Away’ and ‘For The Shortest Time’ are always a hit and nine tenths of the punters here have followed Thomas long enough to sing along with every word, my three year old daughter even dancing like a dervish through ‘Fathers Day’, oblivious to the lyrical irony.


A cover of Stevie Wonder’s 1973 hit ‘Living For The City’ was touching but a little pointless when he has such a magnificent arsenal of self-compositions at his disposal.

‘He Forgot She Was Beautiful’ is as poignant and touching as anything he’s written, and the folk rock hits-that-never-were just keep coming for an hour and a half – tremendously written stories like ‘Can I Sleep On Your Floor?’ and ‘You Remind Me’; the rollicking ‘The Cap Me Granda Wore’; the by-now familiar ‘Tommy Didn’t Want You’ about a guitar custom made for Timmy Emmanuel which he then decided he didn’t want, so Mick bought; the sadly beautiful and regret-laden ‘The Shortest Time’; and the hilarious and acerbic closing song ‘Australian Flag Bikini’ being just two highlights in a set full of memorable moments.



Sure, we know what to expect from a Mick Thomas gig, but that doesn’t make them anything less than supremely entertaining and a wonderfully relaxed way to spend a Sunday evening.

Shane Pinnegar



Something to Fight For
For a Few Less Candles… (Better Days)
Coat of Paint
Father’s Day
He Forgot She Was Beautiful
Mondays Experts
Can I Sleep On Your Floor
You Remind Me
I Could Spot You Anywhere
Away Away
The Cap Me Granda Wore
Living For The City
Our Sunshine
Tommy Didn’t Want You
Rain in My Heart
The Shortest Time

Tired Little Shop (with Van Walker)
All The Leaves Are Falling

Australian Flag Bikini (AFB)