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The Living End
The Palace, Melbourne
08 September 2011


By Shayne Bishop



I have been a long time fan of The Living End. In fact I grew up in basically the same area as them, and some of my friends can be seen in the Prisoner of Society video, so I have always had a soft spot for the band. Now six albums deep into their career, The Living End have a far more mature sound than when they first emerged, some have even said that on the latest album “The Ending is Just the Beginning Repeating” they have lost their energy. I agree that the latest album is far more laid back than anything they have done before, so when the chance came up to see them live, I had to go along to see if that energy was still there.


This was the fifth time that I had seen the band live, and they had never disappointed. I last had seen them in 2009, when they supported Cold Chisel at the V8 Supercars in Sydney, and that was going to be a tough gig to top. I wasn’t disappointed. The band was fantastic from the get go.


As soon as the boys walked on stage the crowd was on fire. Even for the new material which is no more than 6 weeks old, Chris Cheney could have concentrated on playing only his stunning collection of Gretsch guitars, and left the vocal duties up to the crowd!



A fantastic mix of material from the six album catalogue was on display here, but in the 90 minute set, no songs were more openly received than those off the 1999 self titled debut. Four songs into the set when Cheney announced Second Solution, the crowd erupted like nothing I have heard before, and the same treatment was given for Prisoner of Society.


All of the bands biggest hits were rolled out, Roll On, White Noise, Save The Day, Raise The Alarm, All Torn Down, West End Riot, One Said To The Other, Loaded Gun, How Do We Know and Wake Up. Each song played with the energy that every one of these songs requires, and deserves.


The most crowd pleasing moments came when Chris Cheney skulled a beer to crowd chants of “Skull”, Scott Owen played his double bass while balancing on top of it, and when at the very end of set closer West End Riot, Chris Cheney played his guitar while standing on top of the double bass that Scott Owen was still playing. The Living End definitely have not lost any of their energy, in fact they are just as energetic, and fun to watch as they were the first time I witnessed their live show, way back in 2001.


I don’t normally give star ratings, or out of 10 ratings, but if I was asked, I would happily give this show a 9/10.