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By Shane Pinnegar


It doesn’t take a rocker or metalhead to recognise Lemmy Kilmister nowadays. His name, his face, and the entire image of himself and his band has completely transcended the mere metal and rock worlds to the point where supermodels, pop princesses and vacuous teenage VJs wear Motorhead t-shirts in an attempt to be cool, despite not owning a single record (or download, to speak in their vernacular).


Why this has happened is easily explained – as touched on in this fantastic movie, Lemmy just IS. He doesn’t affect or posture – he simply has his own style, opinions and attitudes which have never been forced. In short, Lemmy is the real deal and a true one off.


This documentary attempts to delve deep into the inner workings of the man, and succeeds best during some touching scenes featuring Paul Inders, Lemmy’s son.


Over the course of a couple of years filmmakers Greg Oliver and Wes Orshoski follow the man on tour, at home, hanging with famous buddys like Dave Grohl, Metallica and Billy Bob Thornton, and LEMMY – THE MOVIE does a great job of cracking the hard nut that is Mister Kilmister. He seems a genuinely smart, witty, caring, nice guy underneath the curmudgeonly, crusty and gruff exterior.


There’s plenty of music here - on stage, jamming, recording – and loads of famous faces pop up to put their two bits worth in. For an added treat the Blu Ray has hours of extras including extended interviews with Lemmy’s Motorhead colleagues Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, outtakes, a Making Of, and more music.


LEMMY- THE MOVIE is simply a must for any lover of heavy rock and metal, as it shines a light not only on Lemmy Kilmister the man, but also bares some truths about the hard rock and metal genres and the people who make and follow this music. In short – it’s essential viewing.