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JULY 3RD 2011





When it comes to going to see a live show, I not only want the band to sound good, but also to entertain. When it was announced that Lizzy Borden would be kicking off their Summer of Blood tour right here in Oklahoma City at the best new venue in town, Big Papa's Pourhouse, I knew I'd get the best of both.

But, before we get to the main course, let's start with some great appetizers.





Unfortunately, I was running late and missed the first band, A Fate Far Worse, so I'll start with Anti-Mortem. These guys are a young up and coming band in OKC, and are really starting to take off. Even, from what I've heard, in talks with Roadrunner records. I've only seen them once before, and even though they don't fit my usual tastes, I actually like them. These kids put on a great show, and are one of the most energetic bands I've ever seen. This night was no exception, as once again, they had the crowd in the palm of their hand. Be on the lookout for them, as they've got a bright future in store.

Next up, was an Oklahoma classic, Forte. These guys have been around a long time, and feature current Steelheart bassist, Rev Jones. They don't play as much as they used to, but it certainly doesn't show. It was good to see them back in action, as the last time I saw them was in 1994. Needless to say, they haven't lost their touch, and put on a great show once again.





Now, for the main event. I'm a relatively new Lizzy Borden fan. I really started listening to them after their great performance at Rock 'n America last year. It was great to get to experience them in a more intimate atmosphere. If you've never been to a Lizzy Borden show, you don't know what you're missing. It is not just a concert, it is a theatrical performance. The boys came out rockin' with the thundering opener, Tomorrow Never Comes. Joining them onstage was the lovely ladies, Steffi and Erin, who are also a big part of the experience. The band continued rocking through classics, like Red Rum, Voyeur and Visual lies, in which Lizzy brings a large "T.V." onstage and comes out through the screen singing. Talk about entertainment! Continuing on through a great set, we come to, what I dare say is a highlight of the show, There Will Be Blood Tonight. This is the part of the show when the lovely Steffi gets bitten by Lizzy, and covered in blood. The guys in the audience like this, as blood is about the only thing covering her! Next up was, what is probably considered the most successful Lizzy Borden song, Me Against The World. I can't lie, I love this song, and it sounds great live. The show came to a close with a medley of songs, including Perfect World, Roll Over and Play Dead, Hell Is For Heroes, and We're the Only Ones.





Once again, another great performance from Lizzy Borden. The crowd wasn't as big as I'd hoped to see there, but those there were really into it. Lizzy's voice still sounds great, and the band was in top form. It's hard to believe these guys have been around for so long, and can still put on the show they do, with such energy and passion. Some of today's younger bands should really take notes.





Tomorrow Never Comes
Red Rum
Live Forever
Visual Lies
Eyes Of A Stranger
Under Your Skin
Come Out At Night
There Will Be Blood Tonight
Me Against The World
American Metal
Rod Of Iron
Master Of Disguise
We Got The Power

Perfect World
Shock Treatment
Den Of Thieves
Roll Over And Play Dead
Hell Is For Heroes
Ultra Violence
We're The Only Ones



By Michael D'Avignon


Images by Steve Lamb