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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

Capitol, Perth, Western Australia
Wednesday May 11

Shane Pinnegar



Kyuss may be the ultimate cult band – mega influential, they took the metal of Sabbath and practically invented down-tuned stoner rock, their desert jam parties are the stuff of legend, and despite their work being lauded across multiple genres and continents, they never really sold a truckload of albums (Wikipedia claims that their seminal 1992 “Blues For The Red Sun” album has sold only 39,000 copies).



Across their four studio albums they had multiple lineup changes, with Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Josh Homme the only constant.


Homme isn’t on board for this reunion, even though he has given his blessing to the project, which sees the core of drummer Brant Bjork, Singer John Garcia and bassist Nick Oliveri joining forces with guitarist Bruno Fevery – and Homme isn’t missed at all, with Fevery performing his sludgey riffs and solos seamlessly.


Kyuss has made an appearance on MANY “I wish they’d reform and play a local gig” lists, and Capitol was sold out months ago – so, as soon as the intro tape faded tonight, the place erupted and didn’t let up for the duration.



Earlier in the night Eastern States rockers Fort weighed in with a fighting fit and hard rocking set, finishing with the catchy - though a touch too sonically close to the headliners – ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll’.


With Garcia’s throaty growl, the hippyish Bjork’s relentless pounding of the skins and Oliveri’s intenseness and deep deep bottom end, the band were on shatteringly good form as they ran through ‘Gardenia’, ‘Thumb’, the legendary ‘Freedom Run’, ‘One Inch Man’ and much more.



Tracks from all four albums were featured, along with at least one b-side, and by the time they encored with the undisputable classic ‘Green Machine’, the full house were over the moon and baying like wild dogs about being privileged to enjoy such a memorable night.



As one fella slurred to me afterwards, “That was f*ckin’ UNCOUTH!”, which I think was meant as a good thing.