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How do you objectively critique a CD recorded by friends of yours?  Most people may find the dilemma, but when those friends are Morgan and Mercedes Lander, Tara McLeod, and Ivy Jenkins, collectively known as Kittie, it is easy.  Much like everything else in their long career, they don’t want any favors or “gimmes.”  They want to earn it.  And earn it they have.  They pack more punch into their 36 minutes than most bands pack into a disc loaded to the brim with time, but no meat.


The disc opens with “I’ve Failed You.”  Only problem with this is that from the brutal opening strands of the song, they have done nothing of the sort.  Morgan has been quoted as saying this is the most personal album.  Holy Shit!!! She must have been done wrong lately, ‘cuz someone is paying the price here!!!  “We Are The Lamb” is next up and between Tara’s killer riff, solid bass line supplied by Ivy, and the monstrous drumming of Mercedes, you can’t go wrong.  Add to these things Morgan’s growl and you have one of the most brutal and memorable songs of their career.  Next up is “Whisper Of Death.”  This is another song that demonstrates Morgan’s ability to hang with the big boys of this genre, in that she growls and screams with the best, but graces the songs with her singing voice, which is more than adequate as well.  “What Have I Done?” begins with a killer bridge of beautiful instrumental metal bliss.  Once you are lulled into a false sense of security, Morgan lays it on thick again with her beautiful voice, before destroying you with her growl.  If you haven’t given her the time or effort, I suggest that you actually listen to her sing.


“Empires” is next, but is broken into two very different, yet complimentary pieces.  The opening, labeled as Part 1 is an instrumental piece I didn’t think the ladies had in them.  This beautiful piece could be used to calm even the meanest beast… but wait, that beast lurks in Part 2.  Again, we are treated to some monstrous drumming from Mercedes.  Don’t negate the contributions on these two pieces of Tara or Ivy.  Tara lays down a killer solo half way through Part 2 and you can feel the hair whipping prowess of bassist Ivy.  Next tune “Come Undone” is another brutal song that drives home the point that the ladies still have not failed us.  Some different effects are noticeable on “Already Dead,” but none of them seem to detract from the song.  If anything, their choice of producer once again compliments the disc and all of the tracks they recorded this go round.


“Never Come Home” has a very cool fusion guitar intro that is accentuated with a killer bass line and Morgan’s voice.  Once again, her singing amazes me.  I never want her to give up what she does with the band, but would love to hear what she could do if the growl was tucked away for a few songs.  Next comes “Ugly” to the proverbial table.  This killer helps steer the disc towards the end with authority.  The growls that eminate from Morgan here are some of the best on the disc.  Also, the core music is so rhythmic, if it weren’t so brutal, it may actually lull you to sleep.  “Time Never Heals” closes the disc.  I personally would have switched this out with the previous song or left it off the disc.  “Ugly” would have left fans all jacked up and wanting more, whereas “Time Never Heals” makes you feel as though Morgan’s issues have been resolved, if only internally.



By Todd