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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

The Charles Hotel
15 July 2011


Words by Shane Pinnegar
Pictures by Mark Diggins

The Rockpit were looking forward to seeing Sydney’s premier KISS tribute band – after all, who doesn’t love the spectacle and sheer sturm und drang of a flame filled, blood dripping, guitar smoking, anthem-filled rock show?


First though, we watch Ultrasound struggle though a sloppy set of obscure covers (Boom Crash Opera ‘Onion Skin’, Stone Temple Pilots ‘Vaseline’, Dramarama ‘Anything Anything (I’ll Give You)’) and clunky originals.





Whether nerves had the better of them or not, this was an off day for the guys, and apart from promising original ‘Obsession’, their Kiss meets Dinosaur Jr with a little Sonic Youth and Nirvana thrown in schtick just sounded confused and never rose above the level of a slapdash bar band.



Mark and I ventured backstage to chat with the headliners (Interview coming soon) and found them very much playing to type – Ace (Steve) was vague and ditzy as he stumbled around, Paul (another Steve) was very business like, Gene (Gary) a little over-confident and dryly witty, and Eric (xxx) was reserved and excited.



As soon as the lights went down and the excitement revved up, it was obvious why KISSTERIA’s have such a sterling reputation – 14 years in this gig meant they had the act down pat, and this surely is the closest any of us are likely to get to KISS any time soon.




With stage moves straight from the ALIVE! playbook and note perfect renditions of some KISS Klassics, Kissteria channelled all the magic of KISS and delivered not only some great music, but an enticing and dynamic show.




There are so many great songs in the KISS playbook that they could have comfortably played another hour while barely scratching the surface, but focussing mostly on early tracks, they threw in a few extras such as an epic and huge sounding ‘I Love It Loud’ and the ever-catchy ‘Lick It Up’ to great response.


A fantastically entertaining night!


C’Mon n’ Love Me
Calling Dr Love
Sure Know Something
Talk To Me
I Love It Loud
Lick It Up
Ace solo
I Was Made For Loving You
New York Groove
Gene solo
100,000 Years
Shout It Out Loud

Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
Rock n’ Roll All Night


Thanks to Danielle for setting us up with interview & tickets to review KISSTERIA