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Last time we saw Joey and the boys was at Rock N America in 2010



Of all of the LA bands to come out of the late eighties Warrant was something special. More than just the MTV favourites of the day, over the last few years they have proved that they still have something left to say: and with a new CD on the way and an Australian Tour in the works Warrant still rocks! Joey kindly took the time to speak with Mark from The Rockpit about their upcoming tour produced by Intense Impact as part of a great package with Quiet Riot and Phil's version of L.A. Guns - expect something special in May Australia!



The big news down-under is that you are headed for our shores in May as part of the ‘Metal Health’ package along with Quiet Riot and LA Guns, how excited are you all to be coming down here?


A:  We LOVE Australia.  It has been a long time but we are super stoked to be coming back.  Break out the beers!


Do you know Quiet Riot or LA Guns well?


A:  We are all close friends which makes this trip all that much more exciting.  A chance for three of the top rock bands from Hollywood California to travel and tour together.  I only hope that Qantas can handle us on their plane...ha, ha!





What can Australian Audiences expect from your show?


A:  A full shredding set of your favourites along with a new tune or two.  The band sounds stellar and we are going to rip it up!


What will you be getting up to in your time off (if you have any)?


A:  I would like to see as much of your beautiful country as possible so if I have time off I will be out and about, hopefully not getting into any trouble!


Warrant 2011 has Robert Mason on vocal duties; we are big fans of Robert from his days with Cry of Love, Lynch Mob and particularly the wonderful Big Cock. How did you meet Robert?


A:  Lynch Mob opened for Warrant in 1993 and Robert has been a friend ever since.  I ran into him during the ill-fated reunion run and the rest is, as we shall put it, history!





We saw you last at Rock N America last year and in 2008 at Rocklahoma after the reformation: both were great shows. We watched George Lynch tear it up at the final night after party back at the hotel with Robert what’s it like to play the big festival dates?


A:  Festivals are fun.  We just approach every show the is our desire to rock as hard as possible no matter what size the crowd.


I’ll bet you are looking forward to the M3 pre-party?


A:  It will be nice to let some fans hear the new CD, it is KILLER!


What about touring these days with Warrant is it just as much fun these days?


A:  It is.  We laugh our arses off on a daily basis.





Our favourite Warrant CD is the harder-edged Dog Eat Dog and we loved Born Again so we are eagerly anticipating the new album can you give us any details or let us know what to expect?


A:  It is slamming.  8 straight ahead rockers, 2 ballads, 1 pop song, 1 dark song and 2 “different” grove-type songs.  Sounds like a winner, eh!  If I had to rate it I would put it above DED for my personal tastes...but I’ll let you all decide.


You seem to be a band that looks after its fans, there’s plenty on the website and nothing seems too much trouble for your fans?


A:  We have always been very approachable.  That’s why we do it...for the fans! 


Tell us about the award-winning Warrant wine!


A:  Erik mixed a few reds and came up with a Silver Medallion award from the San Francisco Chronicle.  You can order it online at .  Drink responsibly, please!


Going back in time for a moment when did you know things had taken off for the band?


A:  When I heard Down Boys on the radio and thought it was the tape playing in my car.



What are you most cherished moments from back in the day?


A:  Warrant –wise?  Probably the recording sessions for Dog Eat Dog in Tampa, FL with Michael Wagener.  It was 6 weeks of complete rock and roll debauchery!





Looking back on the late eighties/ early nineties what songs do you think have really stood the test of time? 


A:  From our catalogue all of them, especially Uncle Tom’s Cabin...that’s a fun one to play live!


Do you have any pre-show rituals?


A:  Two beers and some stretching so I can achieve those guitar faces...ha, ha!


What do you get up to outside of the band?


A:  I have a family that I spend all my time with.  My daughter is off to college, my parents are getting older.  It is all about family and friends for me.  Probably not much different than most of the readers!


How do you unwind after a show these days and has it changed much over the years?


A:  I don’t beat myself up too hard any longer but I still like a beer or two after the show.

What is your take on the music business today and how do you see things heading?


A:  With the advent of American Idol and all the vocal tuning software I think the state of the music business is poor.


How healthy is rock music in America these days?


A:  See above...same answer.





How would you like Warrant to be remembered when you finally call it a day?


A:  As a band that played some great music and had a great time doing it!


If you could have been involved with the creation of one song or album in the history of music, what would it have been and why?


A:  Fat Bottom Girls...self explanatory!


And the easy one we ask everyone- What is the meaning of life?


A:  Breathing every morning when you wake up!


Have you ever been through a whole interview without being asked a Cherry Pie question?


A:  Damn...Almost...ha, ha!  Don’t forget to keep up on Warrant at!!!


Many thanks Joey; we look forward to catching you on tour in our fine country. Take care and many thanks for taking the time to talk to the Rockpit.





Mark Diggins spoke to Joey Allen March 2011


Interview and all live photos by Mark Diggins


Additional photos courtesy and Joey Allen


March 2011