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heavens basement unbreakable EP






It's hard to believe that some bands aren't on major labels getting the attention they deserve, which says a lot about major labels and nothing about the quality of rock music out there. Putting aside the bands history (that seems to get referenced in every review) this is just a very focussed, in your face rock and roll of the highest quality...


Unbreakable's stuttering opening riff soon rounds off into the meat of the song and we get to hear Heaven's Basement's new singer Aaron Buchanan and all is well. Great voice and fits the music, job done! The song itself is a strong way to open up the latest EP which with any luck will be a taster for a full length album not too far away. I guess one of the main advantages of not being signed to a major label is that freedom to do things your own way and release what you like when you like (funds permitting). For an opener "Unbreakable" is a great in your face rocker that should please anyone who likes their music to slap them in the face.


Next up is one of the standouts: "Guilt trips and Sins" is definitely the most commercial song here. It's almost made for radio (but in a good way) a real sing along rocker that just sounds so big you know it'll stick with the fans. "The Long Goodbye" has a great riff to it and a great chorus and to be honest isn't too far behind. A couple of killer tunes that have already reconfirmed that with a bit of luck these guys could be the UK's great hope for breaking through the mire of alt-rock wannabes (Shit did I jinx them?).


The funky "Close Encounters" has a modern flavour to it whilst keeping it's rock roots but it's probably the low point for this listener. Not that it's bad, it's just hard to compete with this company. "Paranoia" is another song that really grabs you: touring with bands like Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry over the last few years seems to have rubbed off in a good way, and whilst the band lack that Sourthern tinge of their American cousins it's replaced by Midlands grit (which is just as legendary in the Rock World - ask Planty or Sabbath)!


A change of pace for "Let Me Out Of Here" gives us a real chance to hear the new guy shine, and he handles the slower song nicely. The change of pace has me thinking of Shinedown again, and I love the guitar and the build, it's actually a really mature song that should just open up in the live arena. The boom of "Leeches" that closes is perfect, and one of my favourites here- go out with a rocker I always say - leave them all hot and sweaty!


I feel good things on the horizon for these guys if this EP is anything to go by. So get your hand in your pocket, this one is definitely worth it, and whilst your at it get out and see the guys too, I hear they put on a killer live show.



Mark Diggins