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Burswood Dome
Monday 6 December 2010


Popular place to be, Burswood Dome tonight, and we were lucky enough to find a parking spot only twenty minutes walk from the venue!


Let’s start by talking about volume. We attend rock and metal gigs most weeks, but rarely have we needed earplugs like we did during De La Soul’s support set. How were they? No idea – it was just noise, punctuated by their own yelps of self-congratulation. Perhaps tonight ELEVEN was their ‘Magic Number’?


Snoop Dogg welcoming all to the world of the plastic beach


Damon Albarn’s enchanting and extravagant multi-media troupe, however, were simply amazing – for ‘Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach’ we count no less than 25 musicians on stage, and that’s not counting the video image of Snoop Dog towering over the stage!


Albarn bounds relentlessly around the stage like a Britrock puppy dog as zombies wander through a desert on the big screen, and this sets the tone for the night – there’s always so much going on onstage and screen that you struggle to take it all in.


Jones & Simonen larking about with Albarn


Although the sometime Blur frontman may come across as a bit of a pretentious twat at times in the press, respect is due the man and conspirator Jamie Hewlett if only for the sheer inventiveness and cojones at masterminding such a Brian Wilson-like audio and visual spectacle.


Albarn & his cast of (almost) thousands


Clash legends Mick Jones and Paul Simonen (guitar and bass, respectively) are obviously loving being a part of this circus – lording it over the front rows in their “plastic beach” naval outfits – as are the rest of this all-star lineup.


Tracks from all three (main) Gorillaz albums are featured throughout and guests on stage include soul legend Bobby Womack, support act De La Soul, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, the Syrian National Orchestra of Arabic Music, a miniature orchestra and more – all of whom get their moment in the bright light, and all of whom contribute layers of sound, talent and splendour to this ambitious performance.


Mick Jones, Damon Albarn & Paul Simonen


Lest we forget, the magic of video and pre-recorded elements are an integral part of this show, and appearances from Snoop Dog, Bruce Willis, the animated Gorillaz band, Shaun Ryder and more via the big screen compete for the audience’s attention every step of the way.


De La Soul performing 'Superfast Jellyfish'


It’s quite possibly the best half-animated pop rock, hip hop, gospel, punk, world music, audio visual musical United Nations circus we’ll ever see – a triumph for Albarn and his cast of (almost) thousands!

Thanks to Dixie at EMI for the review seats


Shane Pinnegar



Orchestral Intro
Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach (with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
Last Living Souls
19/2000 (with Rosie Wilson)
Stylo (with Bobby Womack and Bootie Brown)
On Melancholy Hill
Rhinestone Eyes
Superfast Jellyfish (with De La Soul)
Tomorrow Comes Today
Empire Ants (with Yukimi Nagano)
Dirty Harry (with Bootie Brown)
El Mañana
White Flag (with Bashy and Kano)
To Binge (with Yukimi Nagano)
DARE (with Rosie Wilson)
Glitter Freeze
Plastic Beach

Cloud of Unknowing (with Bobby Womack)
Feel Good Inc. (with De La Soul)
Clint Eastwood (with Bashy and Kano)
Don't Get Lost In Heaven
Demon Days