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Dirty Lovin’ EP



By Shane Pinnegar


We first developed a man-crush on Adelaide’s Generation Swine last year when they released their debut EP, which - although only a demo recording knocked out in one very short session - was full of crazy riffs and bubblegum-irresistable melodies, monster big hair and L.A. 1987 enthusiasm.


Well stand back: the new Generation Swine EP is not only properly recorded, but it does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s dirty and sleazy rock n’ f’n roll, and Rockpit HQ is Lovin’ it!


Title track ‘Dirty Lovin’ is as much an instant classic as ‘Show Me Tonight’ was from their debut – and that magnificent tune is presented here again in the glory it definitely deserves. ’10-70’ is all early Crue swagger and Sunset Strip strippers and coke arrogance, ‘Don’t Deny Me’ is built around a slower, chugging Eighties-Kiss type riff, and ‘N.O.S.’ is another fine retro rocker.


Throughout this EP singer Matty D’Amour channels the spirit of Sebastian Bach and Vince Neil, showcasing a voice that’s clean and melodic or rough and raw, as required. From all reports he’s a great frontman as well – as every great band needs! Cam S Purcell risks arrest for cruelty to his axe, and with a pinch of many of the 80’s greats in his sound he’s not afraid to share his influences, whilst never losing sight of his own dirty sound and style.


Meanwhile, Oopie and Stace Branford hold down the rhythm - flash and lairy when needed, but there’s never less than a watertight display from these two or, indeed, the rest of Generation Swine.


Dirty, rough, irresistable stuff – Generation Swine are maturing into exactly the band their fans want them to be – irrepressible, unashamedly retro, and after nothin’ but a good time. Here at Rockpit HQ we can’t wait for a full album from Adelaide’s dirtiest rock stars – and we know they have a 4-star record in them!


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