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Generation Swine
Dirty Lovin’ CD Launch
Cavern Club, Adelaide
26th March 2011


By Rachel Haniford

This was certainly an evening that had been a long time coming for many Generation Swine fans and it had finally arrived.


With the doors scheduled to open at 8pm, there was already people lining up eager to get inside and get the night started, and it was fantastic to see that Generation Swine had chosen to have an all ages show in order to allow some of their younger fans to enjoy this event with them as well.



DJ Motormouth kicked off the evening playing some old school sleazy hair metal tracks to get everyone in the mood for the night ahead, and what a night it was! As it turns out, this was just the tip of the iceberg for an unreal evening of pure live and raw entertainment. DJ Motormouth spun some wild requests that really got everyone moving, and there were a lot of people to please as the venue was filling up quickly! It was excellent to look around and see a mix of both male and female fans and also with it being an all age’s show, the younger and older fans added into the mix which is not something that is common for a Generation Swine gig.


After the doors opened and everyone had started to settle in and relax a little, it was great to see the band members out selling and signing CD’s for their fans, and many fans took this opportunity to talk to the band members and congratulate them on the launch of the CD – this to me was a sign that they were on the right track for the evening.


Generation Swine had carefully selected three local Adelaide bands, some of whom they had played with before, to support them for the night, and I must say, the mixture of bands that they had chosen gelled in well together, which, when having four bands play on the one night can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to please everyone.


First up, The Sunset Horrors started off the live entertainment for the night, and it didn’t take long at all for people to be up at the stage and singing and dancing along.


This was continued when the very smooth and hot Angelik hit the stage second up as well. With having seen Angelik play with Generation Swine before, it was almost assured that their style, hits and stage presence was going to get this night warmed up even further and they didn’t fail to deliver on this assumption.


Isle Of Vision, who were the last band to support before Generation Swine took over the stage had a good stage presence and like the first two bands supporting for the evening, really got behind Generation Swine with not only providing some great live entertainment, but also, like the bands before, took the opportunity to sincerely and genuinely congratulate Generation Swine for their hard work and efforts, but also on the launch of their CD and giving them the opportunity to be a part of their special evening.


During each band break, DJ Motormouth continued spinning some top classic tracks, all requested by audience members, which was great because in short, unlike at some gigs where you just get “fill in music”, the fans who had come along were treated to something not only well suited for the night, but what they wanted to hear, so it became almost like a non stop party, and really kept the night flowing well.


Last, but definitely not least, Generation Swine finally took the stage, and when I say took the stage, they just about blew it apart with their energetic stage presence, which is always the way at any Generation Swine Gig



In just the first 10 seconds of Generation Swine hitting the stage, the floor filled to capacity and the boys ripped into their first song of the night with one of their most recent songs ’10-70’ off of their new CD “Dirty Lovin”. You could tell by looking around at the crowd that everyone was getting into The Swine’s latest addition.


Next up, was one of their slower, but original sleazy crowd pleasers “Don’t Deny Me” (also featured on their new CD). This really got the crowd into the mood, as you could see heads slowly swaying, and hips slowly gyrating… hey, it’s just one of those songs!



Upping the tempo a little bit this time was “Show Me Tonight” (a remastered hit from the new CD) which is where you could clearly see, Matty D'amöre (lead vocals) was firing up with his regular stage antics of high kicks, jumps and other Roth inspired movements. By the reaction from the crowd, this is one of the fan favourites.


Continuing the up beat tempo was “Never Gonna Take It (Rock ‘n’ Roll)”. Yet another great high energy song that kept everybody moving. Matty took time at the end of the song to thank drummer Stace Branford for his hard work organising the CD launch and to thank others. Stace reciprocated in his comical manner with a card reading “Fuck You” (directed at Matty), giving the crowd a good laugh.


“Tie Your Mother Down”, The Swine’s cover of the Queen classic was up next on the menu. By this point the whole band was on fire as well as the crowd as they sung along, finishing the song off with Stace and Cam Purcell (lead guitar) doing a snippet from Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.



Bass player Oopie then took the spotlight for the next song “Lil Devil”, Generation Swine’s cover of The Cult’s hit. Oopie really had a chance to show off his singing abilities with this song and the crowd certainly loved it.


Slowing the pace right back down again was Generation Swine’s power ballad “Another Day”, this is one of those songs where you just want to break out your cigarette lighter, hold it up in the air and sway along… You know the type… and evidentially so did the rest of the crowd (minus the cigarette lighters – got to worry about those nasty things like, umm you know, alcohol and naked flames! Hehe). During this song, you could see a complete expression change from the band members from the fun, trashy and sleazy style and stage presence to a more sombre, deep and meaningful feeling.


Revving it right back up again, this time with “N.O.S.” (also featured on the new CD), yet another one of The Swine’s crowd pleasers that got everybody moving again and singing along to the catchy lyrics and rhythm.


The Swine happened to have a birthday girl in the audience and the band took the time to wish her a Happy Birthday and Cam then went over to her and got her up onto the stage and the band then dedicated the title track to their new CD “Dirty Lovin’” to her for her birthday.



“Dirty Lovin’”, the title track on the new CD, was up next and the crowd went wild, although you could feel the atmosphere throughout the whole show, this was the song that was obviously a favourite amongst the fans. As soon as the song started the fans were whistling, cheering and singing along – this was clearly Generation Swine’s moment to shine… and shine they did!


Next up was “Fatal Attraction” which was a rather slow starting song for the first 15 odd seconds, until Matty broke into a brilliant scream starting off the up tempo guitar riffs and powerful percussion. This was clearly another song that the audience loved and again there was more singing and dancing and the band decided to take it one step further and get the crowd involved by ways of inviting them up on the stage to sing and dance along – the crowd jumped at the opportunity and the stage was filled within seconds of the invitation. It was fantastic to see the fans taking over a couple of the microphones to back up Matty D with the vocals.



Generation Swine then thanked everyone for coming along to support them for their CD launch, however the crowd had decided they were not quite finished, and wanted more… much more! After having their arms twisted, The Swine decided to do one more song as an encore.


The band ripped into “One Step Ahead” with the crowd still cheering them on, and about half way through the song decided to get up close and personal with the fans again, but this time, with Oopie and Matty heading down onto the dance floor. Towards the end of this song, the fans were doing all the vocals to round the song off, this was truly amazing to watch.


At around 12pm it was finally time for Generation Swine to leave the stage for the evening and although I’m sure both The Swine and the crowd could have kept going all night, all good things must come to and end, and the band exited the stage to a roar of clapping, cheering and whistles all round.


In closing, the CD launch of Generation Swine’s “Dirty Lovin’” was an absolutely fantastic night, with lots of crowd participation and a great atmosphere. The line up for the evening was well selected, and all performed very well, DJ Motormouth performed all of the DJ fill ins between bands to keep the night flowing smoothly, and Generation Swine themselves, complete with their 80’s glam metal look, sound and stage show definitely pulled off a fantastic night, they deserved all the credit and respect they have gained from their fan base and without a doubt, have a very bright future ahead of them.



Review and photos by Rachel Haniford

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