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Fiona Flanagan



By Steve Warsup


01 Loved Along The Way
02 Broken
03 I've Released You
04 Shadows Of The Night
05 Badge Of Love
06 Wild One
07 This Heart (Duet with Robin Beck)
08 Get Yer Kix
09 Salt On My Wings
10 I Love You But Shut Up
11 Everything You Are




An amazing 19 years since her last album Squeeze, Fiona returns. Produced by the legendary James Christian and a star studded cast featuring Robin Beck, Bobby Messano and James Christian himself. Album opener Loved Along The Way belts out and that familiar voice hits you and the years just roll back.


A real rocker to start the album with some great background chorus vocals. If anything her amazing voice has got even better.


Broken keeps the uptempo pace going and also features more prominent guitars. I`ve Released you is a very modern sounding track with an amazing chorus. Next up is the big surprise - a cover of the Shadows Of The Night. This is the D.L. Byron version and not the Pat Benatar version and fits Fionas voice perfectly.The lyrics are darker than the more well known version. A great choice of track to cover.Her voice takes on a grittier edge which works perfectly and I prefer this version.


On badge of Love, Fiona shares co-writing with the legendary Holly Knight. This is a real throw back and could have come off either the first two classic Fiona albums albeit with a modern feel.


Wild One was co-written with Brian MacDonald and continues the `80s feel. A very catchy track with a great chorus. This Heart is a duet with Robin Beck. The joint vocals giving it a very (no pun intended) Heart-like feel. Also features some wonderful guitar.

Get Yer Kix is the hardest and rockingest track on the album. Probably the stand out track on the album. Salt On My Wings is another James Christian co-write and features Fiona singing grittier than she has before and the results are superb.


Next up is I Love You But Shut Up which is another real rocker. Album closer is the stunning ballad Everything You Are which brings out the very best of her voice.


This really is a stunning album and I haven`t stopped playing it. Fiona said she released the album
partly because of hounding from fans. I hope she doesn`t leave it so long next time. Great stuff and a must for all lovers of female vocals.



Special thanks to Fiona for all her help.