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t the Rockpit we've always been big fans of Farcry - we can't wait for our copy to hit the mailbox so here is our Midwest correspondent Mike's take on things. Sound to me like it's worth the wait!


Over And Over(Again!)
Nothing You Can Do
Better Than This
Love At First Sight
Now That It's Over
Best Of Me
Too Hot To Hold
When The Lights Go Down


Farcry is a relatively new band. Their first release, "High Gear" came out in 2009 on Kivel Records. It was a good cd, but, I really got into it after seeing the band live at Melodic Rock Fest in 2010. They are a great live band, and the songs translate very well live. After that, I was very much looking forward to the new release, "Optimism". It was definitely worth the wait.

As good as "High Gear" is, "Optimism" is light years ahead of it. There's really not a bad song on the disc. From the opening track "Satisfaction" to the closer, "When The Lights Go Down", its one feel good song after another. Most of the tracks are very upbeat, good time songs, with two exceptions, "Better Than This", a very good heartfelt ballad, and the heavier, darker, "Now That It's Over", which is my personal favorite track. Other personal highlights on the cd would be opener "Satisfaction", "Nothing You Can Do", the cover song, "Love At First Sight", and the closer "When The Lights Go Down"

Mark Giovi's vocals are top notch. He really sings with feeling, and pours his heart into the vocals. Pete Fry may be one of the most underrated guitarists/songwriters out there. He's not flashy, like a Steve Vai, but he is extremely solid, and has great riffs, which to me is more important than flash. And like Mark, he plays with feeling. Once again, the cd was produced by the amazing Ty Simms of Bombay Black.


If you like bands like Firehouse, Harem Scarem, or even early Bon Jovi, then Farcry is a band to check out. "Optimism" is the perfect feel good soundtrack for the summer. so pick it up.


Samples can be found at:


Purchase the cd here.


By Michael D'Avignon





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