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By Todd Jolicouer


The buzz was all around this young band after the release of the first single, “Bounce” to rock radio. I heard it on Octane and instantly wanted to see these guys succeed. I missed a tour stop earlier this year when they were out with Saliva. I couldn’t wait for the CD to drop. I am so glad I waited and ran out to get this one.


Opener “Do I” has classic rock written all over it. The riffs are infectious and full. Next up is “Get Paid” and this one is another one that kicks the door in to help lead the band on a search and rescue mission to grab new fans. “Put Down The Drink” is a song that makes you think long and hard about everything and everyone around you in your daily life. This one highlights that one woman who just can’t seem to know when to stop. It slows the pace down a little in the beginning but kicks back in before the song is over. This thing also features a killer guitar solo. Rolling through now is the song that made me WANT this CD. “Bounce” delivers what most rock lovers want – a dirty little love song about a one-night stand type relationship.


Another slower tune, “A Place To Fall” puts some of the life situations I have found myself in to a solid rock groove. I love that these guys take real life material and turn it into songs for everyone to enjoy, but also realize they aren’t alone. Now comes the REALLY dirty little ditty that some rockers look for. This song has several elements from other artists. Rob Zombie’s influence on “Beg” is obvious. Lyrically, this song breaks the sex barrier to the ground, as lead singer Patrick Michael Wilson proclaims, “Every time you beg - I love it when you want me, love it when you need me – Right between your legs – Tell me that you need me, say it like you mean it- Beg.” We all have wanted that at one point or another. “Tonight” is a great love song made better by the guitar work and vocals laid over it. This song will strike a chord deep in every romantic.


The band doesn’t let up in the home stretch either. “Pride” demonstrates what is so strong about all of these songs. Justin McCain, lead guitarist, has written a ton of great songs and made them work with this band. He seems to know his vocalists limits and assets and use them. The gravelly voice with just a hint of southern twang adds to the rock formula. The rest of the band is great and definitely rounds out the sound with great support and rhythm. “Original Sin” is another song that gets you moving in your chair. This one has a little more aggressive backdrop, but very friendly to those who don’t like heavy or prog metal. Closer “Don’t Forget About Me” is that goodbye song that asks the obvious. Not a total rocker, but not a song to fall asleep to either. This is a good end to a really good disc. My only complaint about this disc? More songs would have been nice – all of the rest were so good, it makes you wonder what else is on the shelf.