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Electrik Dynamite
House of Rock Melbourne
27 August 2011 - “Hair, Denim, Sex, Metal” album launch


By Shayne Bishop


I was looking forward to Electrik Dynamites album launch. I had received a copy of the bands debut album “Hair, Denim, Sex, Metal” just two days before the show, but had instantly fallen in love with the material.


My excitement levels were also boosted by the venue that they would be playing at. Melbourne’s “House of Rock” is housed within The Palace, a venue which has played host to a who’s who of rock and metal royalty over the years, not to mention that seeing a local act play on such a huge stage is always fantastic.



Due to hit the stage at 10pm, but delayed until approximately 10.45pm, the band stormed the stage before a crowd that was nothing short of ready to rock. Opening the set with the very mellow instrumental “Eternal Serenade” which is also the album opener and then launching straight into the one – two punch of “So Alive” and “Love Tonight” the band had the crowd stirred into a frenzy. The lighting of the night added an extra element to the show, and complemented the bands 80’s sound perfectly. Album tracks “After Dark” and “Built to Rock” came next, followed brilliantly by “Hotter than Hell” and “Love Is Fire”.



For me personally, the highlight of the night came in the form of the first single from the album, “Midnight Rider”. The song is simply stunning on record, and the band definitely pulls it off live.
Closing out the set was “Electrify the Night” and album closer “HDSM”. After a one hour set they had played all of the album tracks, almost in the order they appear on the album, and the six members walked off the stage.



The six piece band filled the massive stage at House of Rock with a larger than life presence, you could be forgiven for thinking that they play stages this size week in and week out. It’s just second nature to a young confident and very capable band like Electrik Dynamite, but you could see on their faces that they were soaking it all up, and enjoying every moment. Based on both the album and the live show, this is a band that has a huge future.