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Electric Mary really is ‘Rock and Roll... the way it used to taste.’



Being a long time fan of Electric Mary, their debut album easily made my top 5 albums for 2009. After much success playing big shows around the country and overseas including Hellfest, Electric Mary are back with a vengeance.


6 tracks of pure rock and roll are what Electric Mary was hoping to deliver with this EP, and they have succeeded.


“O.I.C.” kicks of right where their previous album ‘Right down to the bone’ left off, high octane and in your face with a big chorus highlighting Rusty Brown’s magnificent rock voice. The next song “Stained” is no different with a signature groove based guitar riff from Pete Robinson and new boy Glenn Proudfoot. All I can say is that Electric Mary seems to be a band that won’t ever shy away from their rock and roll roots, and these two songs would go down a treat live with fans of the band.


“So Cruel” begins with Pete Robinson showcasing why he is one of Melbourne’s best guitarists, with the best intro the band has ever written. A solid song, that shows a matured sound for Electric Mary is the slowest song on the EP, but would be a great dynamic one live.


“All Eyes on Me” is back to the heavy sound we distinguish Electric Mary with. Venom’s drums are a highlight on this track showcasing why him and bassist Alex Raunjak are one Australia’s best rhythm sections and being recognised for it by playing a part of the Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be- Bon Scott Tribute stage show.


“Lies” is probably the weakest track on the album for me, but is still a top notch song, showing just how much range Electric Mary has as a band. The guitar solos make this song great with some melodic playing from both guitarists.


The last song “Nobody’s Perfect” is my favourite song and probably the most commercially friendly along with “O.I.C.” The guitar riff is a standout as soon as the track comes on and makes you want to pick up a guitar and just start rocking out. This song is the perfect way to finish, but it leaves you wanting more and more.


Luckily, along with this amazing CD of new material is a remarkable DVD filmed at Sydney’s Gaelic Club during the Deep Purple tour. If you are new to this band, this DVD will run you through the highlights of their previous album including ‘Let Me Out’, “Gasoline and Guns”, and “No one Does It Better than Me” but also “Nobody’s Perfect” from the new EP is a nice extra. Electric Mary sound as good live and crisp as they do in the studio, and provide the crowd with a highly entertaining and energetic show.


Melbourne has a great selection of bands, but none as great as Electric Mary. This CD/DVD pack is extremely good for a new listener or a diehard fan. If these guys keep producing material as good as this, they will soon be recognised as one of the world’s premier rock acts.



By Will Hollands