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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world


the AMPLIFIER, perth

28 january 2011



Set list

Been Away Too Long
Closer To The Sun
Beyond The Circle
Last One Standing
Sound Of The Guns
Waiting For Me
Impress Me


It’s Friday night and the Rockpit crew are out in force tonight, and I swear to god that the walls are melting!! Its over 38 degrees and the Amplifier is buzzing. We arrive a little late and the first band are just finishing their set (sorry guy’s)but what little we heard, wasn’t bad at all, the band in question are The Corner.



Second support are Stone Circle, this is the first time I have seen these guys live. Stone Circle played a great set with their blend of 80s rock, they are heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin and Van Halen the set list consisted of tracks from their forthcoming CD ‘Living for the Sunshine.’ Tracks from the album that stood out for me, were ‘Tied to Stone’ and Jeremy “Harry” Harris the vocalist, gave a great performance on this track. ‘Don’t Look Back’ and ‘Take Your Chance’ were also fine tracks. Altogether this was a great performance.



Up next were headliners Diamond eye, and wow do these guys put on a great show!!! With Will Kelly leading the front on vocals and rhythm guitar, they ripped straight into the opening track ‘Been Away Too Long,’ in my opinion this is a cool track heavily influenced by Kiss. They then stormed into ‘Tonite’ which followed the same style as the first track, and by the time they kicked into track three ‘Machine,’ the sound had got heavier and this was more to my liking, Chase was playing holy hell out of his bass and it kind of reminded me so much of Joey Demaio of ‘Manowar.’



Atlantis was next up and this was my favourite song of the night. Greg’s guitar just shreds along on this one, to which he turns it up a notch and plays up to the crowd with the help from Geoff on drums keeping a good solid beat. Diamond Eye continue to run through the set list, with the exception of new track Impress me which went down rather well with the crowd. These guys give a great all-round performance, if you want to check them out they will be opening for Stone Circle on there CD launch night the Saturday 19th March at the Civic Hotel, where they will be playing an acoustic set.





So what next for the guys? Well to find out you should check out Shane's Interview which will be up soon. In the meantime to tide you all over how about a competition?

Simply name Diamond Eye's first full-length studio album: what could be easier?

E-mail me you best efforts and we'll put them all to the guys next time we catch up. You never know you might end up with the guys actually using your idea! How cool would that be?

Drop your e-mails to before closing date of Friday 18th March to win a fully signed copy of the CD/DVD combo - sure to be a collector's item!


Review by Paul Hadlington & Images by courtesy of Diamond Eye & Mandy Av