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Diamond Lane
World Without Heroes



by Aaron DelBono


Typically when a band attempts to do something to please everyone, they tend to come up short in certain aspects - and inevitably alienate some people in the process. Obviously the guys in Diamond Lane don't give a damn WHO they piss off based on their second full-length offering, World Without Heroes. From the solid kick in the mouth of “All Rebels Welcome” all the way through the aptly titled “Endgame”, WWH toes the line of radio-friendly hooks and straight up, throw-your-fist-in-the-air metal that will appeal to just about every hard rock fan (male or female) and they back it up with a killer live performance. It takes a pretty special band to impress me, and the night I saw them, Diamond Lane simply destroyed every other band on the bill.


Their 2008 EP Save This City, produced by none other than the incredibly talented melodic rock demigod Johnny Lima (known for his amazing solo work as well as twisting the knobs on both Dirty Penny releases), is a bit more polished, features lush, Def Leppard-esque choruses and drums a bit down in the mix. World Without Heroes on the other hand, has Rev. Tom Chandler (Cast of Kings) behind the board, resulting in a chunkier sound, a much heavier bottom end, and a touch more modern (but no less melodic) batch of tunes. “Needle Down” boasts a twin guitar solo that wouldn’t be out of place on any Iron Maiden or Judas Priest album, “Heaven’s Falling” starts off with churning guitars & a double kick drum, throws in some superb harmonies at the choruses, then drops a simply scorching solo on you, and “Never Going Home” is the quintessential “stay up all night” party anthem that should close every set for the rest of the band’s existence - awesome arena rock!!


World Without Heroes offers a near perfect mix of excellent musicianship and killer vocals one can actually understand, while Diamond Lane themselves backs up their work with unbridled onstage energy. This CD – and this band – encompasses everything I love about rock music. If you love rock & roll as much as I do, buy WWH and go see Diamond Lane when they come to your town – you won’t be disappointed.