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Adelaide, South Australia has a pretty good local rock scene but these guys are starting to shine through!


Diamond Sins


When you hear a new band that has that raw edge and seemingly drips and oozes dirty, sleazy punky rock you either sit up and take notice or run for the hills.  When they then name-check two of your favourite bands of all time within two questions: Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls (I interviewed Mike Monroe earlier in the year and just spoke to Sylvain this week – check out the interviews page) you know that you may have discovered a gem… or in this case a Diamond.



Tell us a little on the bands background for those who haven’t heard the name before and might want to check you out?


We're a four piece DeathPunk band from Adelaide, we draw huge influence from scandinavian punk and rock. The band is myself: Davey Damaged on vocals, Terradaktyl on Guitar,Taylor Chains on Bass and Matt Riddiford on drums.

We have gone through a lot of different sounds to get to where we are now! Low raw and aggressive.


The band’s name conjures up a number of images but for me it’s a combination of bright lights, evil, glamour and sleaze.  Where did the name come from and what does it mean to you?


Wow! I've never actually met someone who got the name, when Taylor and Terra first started the band they were searching for a name that summed up what they were trying to do, at the time they were focusing on a raw rock sound with punk attitudes the likes of Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls. A former member of the band was pretty set on the name "Diamond" but Taylor wanted something more and alas the name was formed.


How did you get involved in the Crashdiet tour?


The promoter is pretty clued on to the Australian rock scene and she had heard of our and dug our sound and offered the show, and of course we jumped at the chance.


We’re impressed by the free downloads on Facebook and understand the first album “Death Punk Baby” will be out later in the year. How far is it away?


It just has to be mastered and pressed. We are just fine tuning the album art and a few other things, when we released our EP "Welcome to The Freakshow" we kinda took a "that will do" approach to the whole recording process which in the long run just left us not loving the finished product, this time we wanted everything the best        it could be.


What can we expect from the studio?


It's raw aggressive and a lot heavier than our previous releases, we released the first single "Still Beating" last year as a bit of a teaser for our fans and friends.


What is the best way to describe your live show? Why would people want to get to the show early to catch you?


Definitely a high energy show, we want people to leave one of our performances either loving us or hating us as long as they leave an impression we're happy. It's a good fun punch in the head.


 As a lover of all things sleaze I’m impressed by your list of influences and bands you like.  Anyone who lists Hanoi Rocks and The Misfits AND Hardcore Superstar can’t go wrong surely!

Fuck yeah! Anyone who catches our show is sure to see the influence that those bands have had on us whether it be musically or visually.


You’ve picked up some nice support slots with Pretty Boy Floyd, Wednesday 13 (and now Crashdiet) –  have any of the guys given you any good advice and what were they like to pay with?


Those shows were both awesome experiences for us, we definitely took a lot away from both of those shows, and we started thinking of our band as compared to international acts not just local ones. We sat down after those tours and said "OK so what does this band do that is better than us" and set out to up our ante.

Tell us a little about the local scene, how healthy is rock in the State of South Australia?


The local rock scene is growing steadily and is very diverse also with no two bands sounding the same like in other local scenes; there's something for everyone        between the likes of Generation Swine, Bad Blood and Broken Bones and Almost Human.


Who do you draw your inspiration from?


Musically we all draw inspiration from completely different kinds of music and even films, in fact one of the best songs on Death Punk Baby was written by Taylor about a gang fight that he was inspired by the film "The Outsiders"

Are there any down sides to being as vocalist the focal point of the band?


I'm only vocal point when the mics on, other wise the other dudes run rings around me


You mentioned before that there were a few other rock bands out there in South Australia and we’re bumping into some cool bands in every State we visit. What do you think makes Diamond Sins different to the majority of bands out there?


We steal our ideas from Better bands.


Now that is a good answer, don’t tell everyone or they will all be doing it!

We now it’s hard out there. How can a young band make it these days? What’s the plan?

If we ever make it I'll be sure to let you know.

What will 2012 hold for you? Any big plans to go global?


Step 1; Release "Death Punk Baby"; Step two world domination, money, fame


 What sort of music are you listening to at the moment?


Calabrese, Alice Cooper, Disarm, Turbonegro, Kill Cheerleader basically the darker side of rock and any band from Scandinavia deserves a listen.


If you landed that big tour who would you like to be out on the road with?


Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies, Turbonegro, or Calabrese


What is the best way to keep in touch with all things Diamond Sins?

Facebook us! We love that shit.


If you could have been involved in the creation of any piece of music at any point in Rock History what would it have been and why?


I would love to work with Michael Jackson on thriller because it's Michael Jackson's thriller


What is the meaning of life?


Nice boobs
Well no one has given us that answer before but you know what, I think you may be on to something there!


Any final words for our readers?


We hope everyone who reads this takes the time to check us out! Whether it's a live show, a YouTube video or even on Facebook, we need to be heard! And Don't miss CRASHDIET! if no one supports these bands here in Australia no more will tour here!


Fine closing words Davey. See you in a few weeks and in the mean time people get out there check out Diamond Sins and support your local Rock N Rollers!


Mark Diggins spoke to Davey Damaged October 2011



By Mark Diggins