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THE CAPITOL, Perth (26/3/11)

By Tanya and Paul



What a great night at the Cvix for lovers of rock music in Perth! Not a single person tonight went home wanting anything other than more!






Aztech Suns is a young five piece band from Perth Western Australia and were the opening act on what was to be a great night out. Musically I can hear a lot in their sound but stylistically the closest I can get is the ‘Mad Caddies’ fused with ‘The Cult.’ 

These lad’s are certainly full of energy but unfortunately, either the stage seemed too small for them or maybe it was because they were a five piece, but they seemed to be crowding each other and each of them was trying just a little too hard to be in the spot light. They’ll learn though and stagecraft aside with a couple of good songs under their belt all they really need to do is decide the image they want to project and spend some time ‘polishing up’ the act.


There is defiantly potential here for these guys in the future, but a lot to learn too. One thing I will say is that the individual solo’s from each member of the band seemed a little excessive in such a short set. But all in all, a respectable performance. 




Set List 
Heat of the Night
Slip Slip
Hellfire Queen (new song first time played)
In my Mind
Never Before
Immigrant Song
Pizza Box
The Feeling
Foot to the Floor

I first met two of the members of Ragdoll last year when they were part of ‘Rockstar‘, and just when I didn’t think they could get any better, I was proved wrong!! After being amazed by their new self titled CD ‘Ragdoll,’ they completely blew me away live! 



This melodic rock, eighties-influenced foursome have a sound which belongs on far bigger stages than that at the Civic Hall back room, Perth, which holds a little over 200 people, but treating the audience to an array of songs from their new CD, the civic was rocked to its core.

With an image that resembles a young Joe Elliot, Luke Myers belts out each tune with passion. Guitarist Leon Todd plays his heart out with a raw edge, while Ryan Dash keeps the rhythm tight on bass, occasionally showcasing his amazing voice on specific songs. Cameron Barrett keeps the audience entertained proving his ability on the drums with a memorable, hard

hitting beat. 


 Ragdoll started the set with ’Heat of the Night’ and continued to keep hold of the audience’s attention throughout the set. They introduced a new song (which is not on the CD) called ‘Hellfire Queen’ early in the set and it went down well despite the unfamiliarity.


Following two fabulous ballad songs that Luke nailed, Ryan took the mic and the band gave a stomping performance of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ which for some was a distinct highlight. It’s great to hear a band good enough to pull of a song as great as that.



Without a seconds break they flew into ‘Ashamed’ ‘Pizza Box’ and ‘The Feeling’ finishing off with the song ’Foot to the Floor’ which, in my opinion, should only be played at full pelt on a hot summers day in an open-top car!

Their energy, passion, and rapport with the audience is special, but their set seemed to end far too fast for my liking. With a new EP on the cards rock enthusiasts of all ages will love this band as soon as they hear the first note. Ragdoll is sure to be a great success and I can see a very positive future ahead of them. Well done guys!







Set List 

Last One Standing
Closer To the Sun 
Beyond the Circle 
Sound of the Guns 
Waiting For Me 
Impress Me 

Headline act on the night ‘Diamond Eye’ make it hard for me. It’s hard to write another glowing review but the real truth is that these guys just get better with every performance! 



This was their first full electric gig since the fantastic acoustic set at the ‘Stone Circle’ CD launch the other week. This event had been billed as the ‘Full Pyro show’ and it certainly was right from the start as the sparks were flying right from the  opening song ‘Give’ which set the mood beautifully for a fine set. As a band the guys are out to have fun and raise hell, and that is exactly what they did! 

Greg & Chase were on fine form tonight and Will was his usual dynamic self. ‘Atlantis’ is a great song to play second-up and is always a crowd pleaser, even when the mix on Greg’s guitar was none existent for the first third of the song, that fixed there were no more hiccups. 


Will’s voice is clear and strong tonight and on ‘Been Away To Long’ he channels the spirit of ‘Paul Stanley’ as effectively as anyone - a real gem of the set. By the time the boys hit the final song ‘Fuck’ the Pyro was in full flow and as the final chords are struck, the band thank the crowd for turning out and insist they will see everyone on the Sudden Impact tour as opening support for Quiet Riot/ Warrant/La Gun’s which will probably be the biggest show so far in their career. 

Diamond Eye put on a great show tonight and it was he only place to be. With an EP out soon, we can only look forward to catching the new tunes. Bigger and better things are just around the corner - that I’m sure of.




Words - Tanya and Paul

Photos - Mark