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"Sound of the guns" EP launch





It’s not often that you get three of Perth’s top rock bands on the same bill, so tonight at the Amplifier was always going to be special, especially with it also being Diamond Eye’s official EP launch – the title song of which – ‘Sound of the Guns’ also being nominated for the WAMI song of the year in the Rock category. Not to mention this only being Ragdoll’s second live outing as a sharp as a razor three piece.






It’s an overcast night in Perth but it’s heartening to see a great turn out and particularly cool that each band seems to have brought its own support. First band to take the stage, Amberdown, has always impressed me and tonight they just seem to have taken yet another step forward. They are tighter than last time we saw them and the energy they harness on stage sets the early evening crowd off nicely.


With a collection of songs that still sound diverse they put everything into tonight’s performance, which is a great showcase for those in the crowd who might not have seen them before. Blending some great hooks and melodies with a smattering of metal, a lot of melody and an overdose of hard rock, this is a band that seems to take all of the best of a number of diverse genres and blend them into a thoroughly modern sound.






ragdoll perth


Tonight Ragdoll is a revelation. On the eve of their own EP launch, tonight is a chance to catch a band that really should now start to fire on all cylinders. With a number of line-up changes behind them the three piece that takes the stage tonight – Guitar God Leon Todd, the liquid gold voice of Ryan Rafferty and the imposing backbeat of Cam Barrett: is the real deal.


Ragdoll blurs the lines of what you would expect from a local band and the three piece set up has a power and a presence that really takes you by surprise. Tight as a drum and bursting with energy, the old songs, the new and the smattering of diverse covers create the prefect spectacle.  They look great tonight and Leon especially looks like he, or at the very least his guitar will burst into flames at any point.


Taking the best from their original output like storming rocker ‘Foot to the Floor’ (The lead song from their forthcoming EP); the melodic highpoint ‘In My Mind’ that has even the heavy duty smokers entering the room; and the delicate paean to regret that is ‘Ashamed’ the boys have something you don’t experience too often.


New songs like ‘Overnight Sensation’ and ‘Heaven Above’ only hint at what you feel they may be capable of in the future.   


It’s hard to pin down their sound as they combine so many influences: there’s real feel and great blues as they cover of Robin Trower’s ‘XXXXX’  and the version of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock and Roll ‘ that closes a fine set is as good a cover of a real classic as you will hear.


With a set that you don’t want to end you realise that you have really seen something special tonight and even before the headliners have played a note! It’s clear too that the crowd loves them. Check out the footage on You Tube.





diamond eye perth



With a stage show that really does put there contemporaries in the shade after years of honing its refreshing that Diamond Eye is never content to let that overshadow the music.


Many of the crowd tonight will have seen Diamond Eye before, but few, I’m sure will have seen them as slick as tonight. With a set that blends old favourites like our highlight; ‘Machine’ with a smattering of newer numbers; it’s clear the boys have the staying power and the chops to take on much bigger stages and still engage the crowd.


Perhaps best of all though is the way the new songs slip seamlessly into the set, the band must be pretty pleased with themselves at the way the writing is going and also with the reaction of those here tonight.


Individually the band always seem to give their all and despite the curse of rotating drummers.  Chase, Will and Greg give you plenty to keep your attention, even tonight when they certainly put on the longest show we’ve seen them undertake.


There may be no pyro tonight, but the lighting is excellent and it all goes to enhance what would still be a great performance on a bare stage and it’s that attention to detail that so many local acts simply don’t supply.



On a different note entirely it’s also great tonight to see the bands interaction with the audience, both onstage and off. Chatting to everyone and anyone, taking the time and posing for photos, all three bands go the extra mile for those that have paid their hard-earned to get in.

All in all it’s a great night and well worth a trek out into Perth’s unseasonably long winter weather to see. Look out for all three names in the future. They all have what it takes… 



By Jo Rockpit