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Crashdiet Melbourne



For those that came this will be a show that will be remembered for a long time. Next time Crashdiet hit these shores everyone will be telling you they were there. This was a spevial show, a crazy mad show and by the end of it Crashdiet owned the city!



Arriving at the Espy in St Kilda a few hours before doors were due to open it was hard to believe that the day had come and that we were actually about to see Crashdiet live in Australia. Only six months earlier I had been planning on taking a trip to Europe in 2012 to do what I thought had to be done to see the band, but thankfully for La Noir Entertainment, Crashdiet and obviously the fans who bought the tickets I only had to travel from one side of Australia to the other.






First band up tonight in the small but well fitting venue was Virginia Killstyxx from Sydney. I hadn’t heard the band or even heard of them before this show and as they walked onto the stage I was expecting some really raw punk rock music. I’m not sure how long the band has been going but they definitely looked the part, and over time if they keep working at it I’m sure the music will also fit the part. I did enjoy parts of the set unfortunately for me the vocals were a bit extreme, it might be just me but I really couldn’t enjoy the set with the vocals that were being screamed out. And I hate to say it but to top it off the main thing that sticks in my mind from this set was the attempt to cover a Beatles classic, ‘Helter Skelter’. I literally had to walk out half way through the song, I can assume the aim of the cover was aimed at the crowd who would know the song as a Motley Crue song, but at the end of the day it is a Beatles song, and with my doubts of the vocalist already in my mind this done nothing but put a nail in the coffin for these guys for me. I wish I could have been proved wrong because I love punk rock music, and I loved the way these guys looked on stage but sadly I couldn’t enjoy the way they sounded.






Crashdiet Melbourne



Next up were Melbourne’s Heaven the Axe. I had heard a bit about these guys and seen a video or two on YouTube so was expecting to see a great show. I did. I’ve never been huge on the whole female fronted metal band thing, but lead singer Phoebe Pinnock won me over instantly, coming onto the stage dressed as a nun, these guys were here to put on a show. Not only did the band put on a show but they sounded amazing aswell. I wasn’t too familiar with the songs but I really did enjoy what I was hearing and wish I had remembered to grab a CD on the way out. All round these guys sound great and can’t wait to get a copy of the CD and hopefully see these guys again sometime soon. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a band that’s not huge like say Anthrax, cover a Pantera song, and I don’t ever recall seeing a female vocalist cover a Pantera song, not good enough for me to remember anyhow, but Heaven the Axe pulled off a really good party starting cover of ‘We’ll Grind That Axe For a Long Time’, followed closely after by a Brittany Spears cover. Obviously these guys have their own material that could have filled up the whole set plus some but this wasn’t their show, and they weren’t playing to their normal audience so doing some covers went down really well, and even if people don’t remember their originals they will remember rocking out to Pantera and having a laugh at Brittany Spears and probably go out and see these guys again.



Crashdiet Melbourne

Heaven The Axe





I expected a lot from locals Heaven The Axe after giving their CD a constant hammering over the last few weeks and I must admit they more than lived up to expectations. This is a band that you really do need to see live, it's a high energy show despite the constraints of the stage and the band puts their all into the performance. The songs tonight sound great, but on this bill there's no room for any lighter momemnts so what we get is a full on assault.


Like on the CD the highlights for me are 'Masochist' and 'Glue' but there's not a moment's let up in a set that includes a couple of choice covers: Pantera and Britny! If you get the chance Heaven The Axe is a band you really should be checking out Phoebe is a star in the making and the band is tight and heavy as hell. There are gems out there on the local scene if you just get off your ass and go and look for them.






Crashdiet Melbourne

Diamond Sins



The last support band to play was Diamond Sins from Adelaide. These guys were a classic mix of Misfits meets Murderdolls. These guys sound and put on a great show with very catch tunes, not too heavy screaming, but still metal enough to be considered metal. Although these guys to me sound predominantly like the above mentioned bands comparing them to just them two bands doesn’t do them justice. Heaps of great backing and gang vocals, and some really good guitar harmonies and solos.  I really don’t have too much to say about these guys, and I don’t think they need it, as they say, let the music do the talking, which these guys did. Straight up in your face punk rock.





If you like nothing more than to be beaten about the ears by a band then Diamond Sins might just be a band for you. With all the subtlety of a slap across the face Diamond Sins are quick to get to the point and that point is some pretty fine Misfits-fueled punk mayhew. These guys put on a show that will leave you gasping at the end and wondering what just happened. They are funny as hell too, Adelaide should be proud.








Crashdiet Melbourne


Before Crashdiet hit the stage we get something you don’t normally get at your average heavy metal concert. A five minute Burlesque show from Antoinette La'Noir. Although most people thought it was Crashdiet about to hit the stage the punters didn’t seem to be disappointed and it was good to get everyone in and around the stage just before the band was set to come on.







Crashdiet Melbourne

Martin Sweet



Crashdiet were due to come on at 11:00, but from what seemed to be problems with London’s effects pedal board the crowd was left standing with extreme excitement and anticipation for another twenty or so minutes which felt like hours as London sorted out his problems. Finally the band hit the stage and launch straight into ‘Breakin’ The Chainz’. Without any introduction as it was not needed the band began what would be an intense hour and a half set.


Second song of the set was one of my favourites off the “Generation Wild” album, ‘Down With The Dust’. There was a real sense of excitement and urgency about this show. Obviously the first chance most people in the room had ever gotten to see this band who have sneakily crept their way into Australia with virtually no radio airplay and only just recently getting the video for ‘Generation Wild’ onto TV in Australia, which I’ve heard is one of the only countries not to ban the video... yet.


It was a rainy night in St Kilda but it was a stinking hot sweatbox in the Gershwin Room once Crashdiet got going. The set was as expected going to be majorly consisted of songs from the first and most recent albums. ‘So Alive’, ‘Riot In Everyone’, ‘Falling Rain’ and a huge crowd pleaser ‘Chemical’. This particular song wasn’t one of my favourites off the album until I actually saw it played live. To think English is the second language in Sweden it’s actually amazing to see how well Simon Cruz murders the vocals on this and all the other songs.





Crashdiet Melbourne

Simon Cruz



‘Out Of Line’, ‘Rebel’, ‘Bound To Fall’, and then the song I thought was the best of the night and incidentally my favourite off the new album, ‘Native Nature’. By now we were 10 songs in but it felt like the show had just begun. And it was then time for the first track off the “Unattractive Revolution” album, ‘In The Raw’. This is one of Crashdiets heavier sounding songs, and it went off as did the crowd singing along to it.



Crashdiet Melbourne

Peter London


There was only one bouncer/sound guy/crowd controller for this gig, and for the type of music that was being played you would expect to see a little more, but none the less there wasn’t any real problems... Apart from a few eager fans crawling their way onto the stage. For the most part the band didn’t seem to mind too much, until one guy snapped the lead out of Simon’s guitar! But Simon didn’t pull an Axl rose and walk off the stage, he kept going even though he was probably a little or a fair bit pissed off.



Crashdiet Melbourne

Eric Young




‘Knokk ‘em Down’, ‘Tikket’, and ‘Straight Out Of Hell’ and then mellowed down a little for the closing track from “Generation Wild”, ‘Beautiful Pain’. And once again I’m finding myself amazed that English is these guys second language.



Crashdiet Melbourne



Keeping it in the mellow / ballad mood we got ‘It’s A Miracle’ before the last song of the night ‘Generation Wild’. At this point I’m left wondering how the hell are there only one to two hundred people in the building watching what I was. These guys are one of the best going round at the moment. And to think only a few weeks ago I stood amongst 15,000 odd fans to see Motley Crue, who have been to the country numerous times, but yet only a small fraction of those same people put in the effort to pay a quarter of the price to see three times the show that Crashdiet put on. Is it because people don’t know about them? Is it because most of the crowd at the Motley Crue concert were fans from the 80’s, I can’t really say, but I’m not really too bothered, I got to see Crashdiet up close in a tiny room and whether or not they ever reach the stardom that Motley Crue have I’ll always be able to remember seeing them in a tiny room in St Kilda that night in 2011.




By David Carruthers with Mark Diggins


Images by Mark Diggins