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I like this one a lot and I'm not exactly sure why either as normally I'd avoid something that instantly smells like the second wave of grunge. But when it's done this well you have to sit up and listen.



OK let's get the 'N' word out of the way - Nirvana: this isn't a milion miles away from what I imagine that the big 'N' would sound like if they'd kept going. It is more 'In Utero' though than 'Bleech' but there's something about the vibe here and the songs that just shout it out. But that's not all there is to it of course and Cockfight Shootout isn't a covers band. All in all it's a great listen though I understand a very long time in the making!



There’s definitely Grunge in there but it’s mixed with Stoner Rock, a little Metal and Punk.  So if that is your flavour of hard rock it’s well worth the investment.  Sadly though an album like this just feels like it should be on vinyl! There’s some great riffs and great rough and ready vocals (not to suggest that the vocals are not up to scratch they are often excellent. There’s just that raw quality to them).


Production if anything is where this falls down slightly. Of course there’s the now ubiquitous loud/soft layout at work and the riffs are sure big enough there ‘s just that feeling of holding back when I little more paint and intensity would have elevated proceeding from ‘great’ to ‘can’t possibly ignore’…


 One of the best things about the album though is that it’s pretty hard to find a weak song, but there are some real standouts and for me those are: ‘You’re Dead, Let’s Disco’ which has me thinking of Soundgarden, my favourite band of the grunge era. And oddly here they do get the sound spot on, un-caging the beast a little more.


Other crowd pleasers are sure to be the very Nirvana-like ‘Named and Shamed’ which does suffer from that blunted sound and  opener ‘Grey’ as well as the title track.  The music is there and I’m sure these guys kick it live, but the studio set just seems to need a little more bite. Not that it should stop you hopping out for a copy. The next one might just blow the lid off…




Mark Diggins