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coldspell out from the cold


Coldspell's second album has all that you will love about their debut, but adds extra depth and richness to their classic sound.


Coldspell hasn’t really changed the formula here, which is great news, as their debut won them many supporters and some great reviews; however what they have done is expanded upon it. So in 2011 you still get that great sound born out of the classic rock of the seventies and eighties, but there’s a new depth and variety too. The line up of the band has also changed: there’s a new rhythm section consisting of drummer Perra Johanson & Anders ‘Kebbe’ Lindmark on bass, it all adds to what is a tight sound: something you can sink your teeth into.


Title track ‘Out From The Cold’ picks up where debut 'Infinite Stargaze' left off which is immediately reassuring, it’s a great song and one that is bound to become a live favourite, but it’s not my favourite here. It’s a great way to start all the same and one of the heaviest songs in the Coldspell catalogue.


If you are a fan of classic rock then Coldspell’s blend of heavy, melodic, and at times anthemic music will give you a warm feeling. It’s like rediscovering an old friend, and Niklas Swedentorp’s vocals are a match made in heaven for Micke’s songs. The keys of Matti Eklund just give everything an ‘authentic’ feel and a lot of richness to the mix, and more than a hint of Deep purple.


Our favorites here include the first single ‘Heroes’, the rocking ‘Run for your life’, ‘The King’: a beautiful song that pays tribute to Ronnie James Dio, ‘Out From the Cold’ and ‘Time’. Those few tracks really encapsulate the essence of Coldspell 2011.  


For us though it’s ‘Time’ that takes the prize: a great song we can’t stop playing. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t check out the rest though as there’s plenty more to like here: ‘One in a Million’ for example comes over all vintage George Lynch, and certainly hits the spot. ‘Seven Wonders’ too is also worth a mention.


If you love your bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow or newer bands like maybe Gotthard, or loved this year’s Whitesnake album you will get a lot from this CD.




Check out Heroes from the album here



By Mark Diggins