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12 FEBRUARY 2011



Chainsaw Hookers Set List:

The Devil made me do it
Ride the Venom
This is Blood Rock
Night of the Demons
Nazi Werewolf
Scream (Misfits cover)
Santanico Pandemonium
Black Christmas
Party Man
Death Proof
Static Age (Misfits cover)
Death Curse




I had a good feeling about this one. I've had a copy of the Chainsaw Hookers' CD for a while now but had never had the chance to catch them live so when Jon invited us down to the RR it was too good an offer to refuse. Support tonight came from the Rockabilly madness of Blazing Entrails who put on an entertaining show channeling the ghosts of bands like The Stray Cats with some down and out rock and some 'good ol'' country thrown into the mix. Be sure to check out our review of their CD HERE.


The Hookers live are like being smacked in the face with something very heavy. I like a band that strarts its onslaught early and doesn't let up until they are wringing with sweat and the audience are beaten into submission, and that's hat we got here. Coming across like Motorhead's punkier cousins from the off Chainsaw has a huge amount of energy and charisma and they take to the Rocket Rooms small stage like it's CBGBs and it's '77.




Starting out with one of my favourites 'The Devil Made Me Do It' after a 'horror movie' intro you soon realise that they have the chops to take this somewhere, it's really a matter of time and inclination rather than a question of talent - as they sure have that. Whilst all of the songs are of a high quality there's a few that particulary catch my ear: the wonderful 'This is Blood Rock' for example is a great song that has a great breakdown and 'Santanico Pandemonium' is something the mighty Lemmy would have been proud to have written.


It's also great to hear a bit of the Misfits and the two covers go down great with the crowd who are here in numbers despite tonight also being Perth and Northbridge's Laneway Festival. For me though it's the originals that make it a great show 'Death Proof' is a heavy riff laden dream of a song that has everyone's attention in the room, it's a song that was made just to get your mother to ask you to turn it down. My favourite of all though is 'Death Curse' with writing like this these guys can go far, The blitzkrieg of an instrumental that forms part of that closer is mind-melting.


I hear the guys have plans for an east Coast tour of the States, it's also cool to hear they'll be on the bill for Soundwave here in Perth. One thing's for sure if you love it loud and you like the sound of 'Blood Rock' and are up for the whole horror-movie vibe these are the guys for you. A BLOODY good band!


We'll be catching up with the guys for an interview soon.



Mark Diggins