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Blue October
Any Man In America


By Todd Jolicoeur

What an emotional hour this is… very draining, yet rewarding. When my buddy Kevin told me to check it out, wasn't sure, as I liked Blue October, but they were a little out of my norm. Man, this disc made me a fan for ever. Add to that the conversation I had with Justin about this disc and all that led up to it, and this was probably the most reflective piece I have, or most likely will, ever listen to.


As a father who raised two kids partially as a single father, this disc makes me appreciate the options I had - friends and family that supported me, but I also didn't have to deal with a court system that really revoked my rights. Justin went through hell and back just to see his daughter, Blue. He will never stop working towards the day when all things are equal and he has the rights afforded all of us.


To write a review song-by-song would take forever, as each song strikes a different chord in me… makes me understand different things when dealing with parental issues… makes me more appreciative of the end result. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with quite the issues Justin did, but I still understand, because no matter the results, we all do it for our kids (or should). We brought them into the world, and we should do all we can to make sure that transition from childhood to adulthood is as free from OUR drama as possible. "For The Love" speaks to this point. It is all for the love of the child… for the love of a parent… for love in general.


My absolute favorite, and the song that drove me to write a letter to my aforementioned friend Kevin thanking him for pointing me to this disc, is "The Feel Again (Stay)." This song drove me to tears and stirred emotion in me I hadn't felt about being a single father in years. Luckily, I have had a wife and best friend to help me over the last 9 years, but there are emotions and memories you never forget… thank you Justin for reminding me of that. Thanks Justin for reminding me exactly what the fight is about.


I will never forget when I asked Justin what the meaning of life was. He took a deep breath, not in thought or hesitation, but simply to take in the true meaning of what he was about to say. In his raspy, emotionally charged voice he simply said "Blue." I didn't really have anything else to say… knowing his story, the story told by this disc, there was and is nothing left to say. Well there are two things… first -if you ever felt loss in your life, pick up this disc; if not, pick up this disc, so you may understand someday. Second, but most importantly, I love you son… you made every thing worth it.